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Rodent Research – How to Detect and Avoid Mouse Infestations

If you have ever seen a mouse in your home, then you know, it is comfortably one of the most terrifying and disgusting sights you will ever see. The thought of a rodent in your home can be very off putting, not to mention the thought of how many more there are. If you have ever wondered what the tell tale signs are or how to avoid a mouse infestation then use this practical guide to help ensure your home never has a little furry guest.

Inspect your home

Regular inspections of your home are the best way to avoid a mouse infestation. There is one clear sign when inspecting to look out for, droppings. If you notice any droppings in your attic or other small dark places then it is time for a mice removal quote. Inspect regularly and keep an eye out for small droppings which will be scattered in dark and tight places around the home. Mice love to hide and nest in small holes around your home. If you notice droppings but have seen no sign of the mice themselves, give the experts a call. Professional pest controllers will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to remove the problem before it gets out of hand.


If you have noticed any strange gnawing, bite or scratch marks around your home, then you may have a mouse problem. Mice love to gnaw holes in walls and other surfaces so they can get beyond the confines of a exterior wall. If you notice small-gnawed holes about the size of a coin, then this is a good indication that a mouse either is or has been in your home. When this happens, examine your home for any other signs and consider calling a pest controller. It is entirely possible for gnaw marks to be attributed to a range of rodents and others pests, but generally speaking a mouse will only make a small clearly cut hole. Keep an eye out for this sign, as it usually means they have found a new home.

Scratch Scratch

If you or anyone in your home has been hearing strange noises at night, then chances are it isn’t a ghost. Especially if those noises are scratching noises. Mice are nocturnal, which means they do their best work at night. If there have been scratching noises coming from the walls or roof during the night, then this is a pretty good sign you may have a little guest or guests. If you have been hearing this scratching noise, then keep an eye out for the other signs mentioned, if you find any of the other indicators or just to be safe, give a pest controller a call to come and check out the situation.

DIY Protection

Whether you have only seen one sign or perhaps you fancy yourself as a bit of a MacGyver, it is possible to take care of the problem or at least be prepared yourself. Most pest controllers and hardware stores offer a range of baits and traps. From humane, catch and release, to the not so friendly. Baits and traps are designed to help catch and remove any possible infestation or visitor. Even if you haven’t noticed any of the signs, some people choose to have a trap or two around their home to help discourage any unwanted visitors. If you feel the need, setting the odd bait or trap in any areas of your home that represent the ideal mouse oasis is a great deterrent to any infestation.

Mice may seem cute to some, but to others they are certainly very unwelcome visitors. They can do a lot of harm to your home and generally make a very large mess. If you aren’t sure how to spot the signs of a mouse infestation, then use this practical guide to not only spot it, but also put some preventative measures in place.