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Preparing Your Home for Pregnancy: 3 Essential Steps

Welcoming a new baby into your home is such an exciting experience, one that many couples dream of for years. No doubt you have the basics covered — you’ve got diapers waiting, a car seat ready, and cute little onesies awaiting their new owner. A few things, however, are often overlooked when parents are getting ready to bring their baby home. The following tips will help you have all the bases covered!

Prepare Meals

Many new moms have said they wished they had a better system in place for meals before coming home from the hospital. For the first few days, you’ll be occupied with caring for the baby and adjusting to new routines. This will leave little time to be preparing healthy, nutrient-rich meals, something you need especially if you are breastfeeding. We suggest preparing meals ahead of time, creating dishes you know you and your family like that can be easily frozen and reheated when needed. If possible, perhaps you can arrange for family or friends to bring you a few meals as well. Having this planned before the birth will save you so much time and effort in those first few days back home. People love to help out, especially when it means they get to visit with the newborn for a little while!

Safety Check 

While many parents know to check for the simple things, such as covering sharp edges and blocking off stairs, they may overlook smaller items. Be sure that all cleaning products, including washing pods, are locked away or out of reach of children. Keep electrical wires hidden, and use plug covers to ensure those small fingers stay away from any outlets. While this may not be an immediate concern, as it will be a few months before the baby is mobile, it’s better to have it done beforehand so you don’t have to think of it while chasing after a speedy crawler!

House Maintenance 

Another item that’s often overlooked is the overall maintenance of your home. You want your house to be in top condition before you bring home your baby so you don’t have to worry about repairs at this busy time. For example, are the air filters in your AC unit clean? This can affect the air quality in your home, something you want to ensure is as clean as possible before bringing baby home.

Having a new AC unit that’s quieter is also a great idea. This is one less noise to worry about when trying to rock your new bundle of joy to sleep. If you’re unsure where to start with regard to your HVAC system, contact a local HVAC technician to do a thorough review of your current system. The technician will be able to tell you where repairs or improvements can be made.

The greatest tip we can give you is to enjoy every moment of this experience! There will be so much happening that you may feel overwhelmed at times, but if you remember to take a moment and enjoy the small things, the joys that come with bringing home a new baby, this will be the best experience ever.