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Pit Bull Left To Die In An Abandoned Apartment, Finds A Forever Loving Home

This story is a reminder of what humans are capable of. Some humans are capable of doing terrible things, like leaving their dog to die, while others, bring joy to our lives with their acts of kindness.

Beautiful Daenarys, a white pit bull, was left to die by her owners in an abandoned apartment. When she was rescued, the poor dog was starved, weighting only 24lbs, when a healthy pit bull should weight at least 35lbs. Although she suffered so much, she was lucky to be rescued just in time. Daenarys, or Miss D was fortunate enough to be found by Tara, who is a foster care worker. Tara took her into her loving home and gave her so much love and support. Miss D spent the next 5 days, laying, wrapped in blankets and on the 5th day, she finally stood up on her own. She started gaining weight, 1-2 pounds a day and she reached a healthy weight of 57 lbs. She got strong, and she even had a swim at the local lake. Miss D was ready to find her forever home and she was lucky enough to find an owner that fell in love with her after hearing her story. Justine has been looking to adopt and the moment she saw Miss D, she knew that they were a match.

“Miss D loves to ride in the car more than anything and I take her just about everywhere I go. She is so happy to go into Lowe’s and Home Depot and she is sure that everyone wants to pet her. She is also so happy to run free in open spaces. While I may have adopted her, she is the one who has rescued me. You see, I just got out of a marriage to a man who was an alcoholic and very destructive. I was shattered and was struggling with life. Miss D has given me a whole new life full of joy. She is the rescued rescuer,” says Justine.

Take a look at the gorgeous Miss D and see how love can transform someone’s life!