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Parenting Tips For Buying The Best Child Car Seat

Don’t panic, parents! I can understand, how tough it is for you to make baby related purchases for the first time. The market is full of baby essentials, you can easily get overwhelmed by fake advertisements or dummy articles who claim to purchase their products only.

At the end, it would be headache when you ask your friends, neighbors & colleagues about recommending one which is preferable & can be available in certain budget. They all give you a list of model names which is again a trouble to filter the best one among them. Everyone has their own views and opinions, which is influenced by their priorities, budget and few other factors.

Most of the mothers advice to buy a car seat from love ezy combo where you will find maximum benefits. Even you will want to make a smart purchase. Then, consider  the features given below & choose the perfect one for your naughty nut.

The Ideal car seat has features like these:
  • Sufficient height, weight limit

Normally, infant car seats are approximately 22 pounds in weight and 29 inches height respectively. But a high capacity seat can serve you long time if you want to switch to a convertible car seat later. Basic convertible car seats will have 40 pounds and 40 inches of weight & height limits which is forward-facing.

But a seat with higher limits could be worth the investment since your little ones are not ready for a booster until they become 5 years old.

  • LATCH system

LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for children, which is intended to streamline car seat installation; however, rigid connectors or push-button could be easier to use than older hook-style LATCH connectors.

  • Adjustable harness heights

Actually, all the convertible seats should have a five-point harness with several slots so that it can accommodate a growing child. But a seat with a no-rethread harness, is adjustable from the front which can be easy for you to use.

  • Reasonable return policy

Most of the car seats may not fit well in certain vehicles so before buying any, just check the manufacturer’s return policy.


Is it for occasional use or everyday use?

If you are going to buy a convertible car seat for occasional use then a less expensive infant or convertible car seat with thinner pad can be perfect. But if you know the seat will be for heavy use or you may want more features in the car seat then you should look for one which is lightweight & easy to install.

Is there sufficient space in your vehicle?

It is all up to your vehicle, whether you have a small vehicle with a back seat or you need to fit three car seats in a single row? You should look for a narrow car seat to maximize the space of the car. Also consider, car seats with taller shells which can hog front-to-back space but then, be sure the person sitting in front of the installed car seat has proper space for movement.

Have you planned to use the seat for next baby?

All the car seats have an expiry date. But manufacturers roll out seats with higher heights and weights limit which means your child might be in the seat for longer. This makes it crucial to know the expiry date if you hope to use it again & again, especially several years down the road.

Most of the models expire six years after the date of manufacturing but a few have longer lives. If you find them then you are lucky.


It is not affordable to compromise on baby related stuff because those adorable ones are too sensitive and want comfortable surrounding. Have a happy ride with your baby!