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Outdoor Wall Fountains and Why They’re a Great Choice

When it comes to design, finding the perfect accent for your home can be challenge. Beyond financial considerations, settling on a decoration or concept that fits just right with the overall tone that you’re trying to set is proven to be more difficult than you might think.

Whether you’ve already arranged your yard and are set on a theme or you’re arranging everything for the first time and trying to decide what elaborate piece might help everything else fall into place around it, design-related matters should never be taken lightly.

This is especially true when planning the arrangement of your yard our outdoor display. With fewer delicate and potentially expensive surfaces to work around, the outside of your home is a canvas for your expression where you can really let your imagination roam free.

Furthermore, outdoor decorations allow you to be creative with more dynamic displays that might cause problems if they were placed inside. This is certainly the case with outdoor wall fountains, which can add an incredible sense of naturalism and excitement to your home.

There are multiple aspects of fountains that people find appealing, which means that whether you’re intrigued by the variety of architectural styles that they can come in or you’re just taken with the idea of beautiful flowing water, there’s surely something for you!

As different as one fountain can be from the next, there are certain features that are essentially universal among those designed for outdoor wall-mounting. Consider these when shopping, and you’re sure to arrive at an option that fits your requirements and vision.

They Come in Compact Sizes

One of the most frequent concerns raised when weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a fountain is the amount of space that it requires to be installed. Understandably, people tend to associate fountains with the grand fixtures that adorn mansions and palaces.

Fortunately, wall-mounted fountains are often more compact in size and are built for installations in homes with smaller yards or outdoor spaces. Proper plumbing and supportive architecture is still essential, but these concerns are reduced with lesser-sized fountains.

For people with smaller homes that may not permit the grandiose display of a massive fountain in their yard, an outdoor wall fountain can be the perfect option that allows for flexibility in implementing design concepts without requiring too much space to install.

They Have Relaxing Properties

So often, home design and decoration are a source of stress and concern. We rarely consider that, if done properly, it could actually be a way to alleviate some of the mental strain that we incur from a long day of work, off-the-clock obligations, and other personal matters.

Although it may not often be our first thought, it’s very important to think about whether our home design choices make our lives happier or more troubling. If set up properly and with care, the very nature of fountains is known to be calming and relaxing.

Many people say that the sound of gently running water lightens their mood and makes them feel more peaceful. Similarly, the visual of a clear and smooth stream flowing from a fountain evokes feelings and serenity and tranquility that static décor doesn’t usually match.

While the initial set-up of an outdoor wall fountain may seem to carry a lot of overhead, thinking ahead to a finished product that not only looks great but causes those enjoying it to feel better can make any labor and financial investment seem immediately more worthwhile.

They Help Humidify and Purify the Air

When looking at potential home decorations, it’s rare to find an option that’s not only aesthetically beautiful and brings up pleasant feelings in those around it but also has an objectively beneficial impact on the environment where it’s been set up for display.

Outdoor wall fountains have the distinction of fitting into all three of these categories: built to be flexible for installation in different settings and enjoyable to the people around them, they also appear to benefit the humidification process of the air around them.

This can be especially helpful in cold and dry climates and has topical benefits for your skin. Additionally, some studies suggest that waterfall can release negative ions which are said to have additional health benefits such as increased energy and reduced levels of stress.

Taken individually, any of these characteristics would be highly desirable for people designing their homes. Altogether, the conveniently compact size, relaxing properties, and environmental benefits make outdoor wall fountains a decoration you don’t want to miss!