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Note of Women’s Weight Loss You Need To Know


Recently, women usually use detox water, weight loss pills, fat burning belt or buy saxenda online to lose weight. However, for effective weight loss, it needs more than that. Losing weight must be combined with proper nutrition and exercise. This article will introduce you to the necessary note to support effective weight loss.

Important note of women’s weight loss
1.   Burning fat and calories by exercise

One of the best ways to burn fat and calories is to spend a few hours a day doing exercise. Exercises will help you keep fit and avoid diseases caused by long-term fat accumulation. You can find yourself a trainer to help you keep track of your workout plan.

2.   Weight loss naturally with healthy eating

Unhealthy diets contribute to weight gain and cause other serious health problems. Fast food and processed foods contain a lot of fat and calories. So, to cut down on fat, you should give up these eating habits. If taken seriously, you will see effective weight loss within two weeks.

3.   Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Green vegetables contain lots of fiber, protein, and vitamins that keep you healthy. You can change your meals with steamed vegetables that are low in calories but rich in nutritive value, help you lose weight effectively and get slim body naturally.

With the same benefits as vegetables, fruits will help you maintain your health and fight appetite. Eating more fruits will also help to beautify the skin.

4.   Do not drink carbonated water

Carbonated drinks or canned juices both not only affect the body but also make you gain weight fast due to the high content of calories contained in these drinks. You can substitute fresh fruit juices with nutritive or detox water, apple cider vinegar, etc.

5.   Drink herbal tea, green tea

The antioxidants found in herbal tea accelerate the burning of fat. You can buy herbal teas anywhere. Losing weight by green tea, herbal tea is a wise choice. With this habit, toxins and other harmful wastes in the body are expelled, speeding up the process of losing weight. You should use herbal tea, green tea with less or no sugar.

In addition to drinking tea, many people also choose diet pills to lose weight. This is considered to be quite useful. However, you need to find out carefully about the product that you’re gonna use. You should research information such as ingredients, side effects, manufacturing facilities, … to find the most suitable supplement for yourself.

6.   Cut down salt

Salt containing large amounts of sodium also causes weight gain. You should limit your intake of high-salt foods. This will work to reduce the ability to retain water in the body, one of the causes for your body to look fat.

7.   Say no to snacks

Eating snacks makes you gain weight fast because they put more fat and calories in your body. Avoid junk foods like fries, biscuits, burgers, … will help you prevent the absorption of harmful substances to the body as well as lose weight efficiently.

8.   Do house work

Being active naturally also helps you lose weight faster. Washing dishes, cleaning the floor, gardening instead of sitting and watch TV. Or walking daily after meals also help you lose weight and stay healthy.


Taking these small but important note will not only help you lose weight effectively but also you will have beautiful skin, healthy body.

Lastly, thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post.