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Natural Aromas for Greater Enjoyment in Your Home

You don’t need to buy all those air fresheners to make your home smell beautiful. Some of these plants and herbs will give your home an amazing scent.


Sodium bicarbonate is the best absorber of unpleasant smells. Place a small plate with sodium bicarbonate on places that smell bad. You can also put some directly on your carpets if your carpets smell bad. Leave it over night before you vacuum it. Sodium doesn’t smell beautiful, but it eliminates all bad smells.

A lot of plants and herbs can make your home smell great. Rosemary and lavender are great, especially when they’re fresh. If you can’t find fresh, use dried ones, they also smell great.

A lot of people love the smell of cinnamon and lemon. Freshen up your room using ethereal oils. Put some of your favorite oil on some cotton and leave it in the room.

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