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Morning Beauty Rituals

All women are lack of time, especially in the morning when they prepare for work or have to take the children to school. We have discovered some rituals that don’t take a lot of time and will improve your inner beauty. The best thing is that you don’t have to get up an hour earlier to be a part of our morning schedule.


Start Using Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin B, help you deal with aging skin cause by free radicals, sun and all other stressful factors. Antioxidants make your skin beautiful and glowing.

Eat Proteins for Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast and eat lots of albumen. Add a glass of yogurt or boiled eggs in your breakfast menu. Eating proteins for breakfast will improve your metabolism and will keep you full through the day.


I’m sure we all know by now the importance of using SPF but it seems that we forget about this during winter. Always use creams that have SPF even in winter to protect your skin. Using SPF will protect your skin from aging too.

Drink a Glass of Water When You Wake upy tips

Drinking a glass of water right after you get up will help your skin hydrate and freshen up. It’s also an excellent detoxification in the morning.

Be More Active in the Morning

Researches show that women who are more active in the morning look better and don’t have trouble sleeping. If you don’t have time to do some exercises in the morning, then walk more. Leave the car home and walk to your office or walk to pick up your kids from school.

Citrus Scent

Citrus scents have a positive influence and give you more energy. Many researches show that citrus scents are stress relievers and they have great influence on your immune system.

Wake Your Face Up With Cold Water

Splash your face with cold water as soon as you get up to avoid looking puffy and tired. This is an excellent way to wake up faster.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea will give you the caffeine you need in the morning. Green tea contains flavonoids that reduce the damage of skin cells and fights against cancer.