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Meet Maddie Ziegler – The Rising Star

If you’re into pop music, then you must have heard of the amazing child who started in two of Sia’s most viewed videos. We’re talking about the gorgeous Maddie Ziegler.

The cast of Dance Moms photographed on May 29, 2012.  Photo by Scott Gries

Maddie is the ultimate American multitalented kid, she’s a dancer, an actress and a model.
She was born in September, 2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she was only 2 years old she showed huge interest about dancing and her parents allowed their daughter to pursuit her dream in the Abby Lee Dance Company.


In 2011, she started in the American Television series – “Dance Moms”. “Dance Moms” is a series set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Abby Lee Dance Company and follows the career of children in show and dance business. The Ziegler mom and daughter soon became the stars of the show and Maddie was starting to be recognized as a dancer. People were starting to notice the incredibly talented girl and were amazed by her unique dance moves. Her career started to grow and she began starting in music videos.  In 2014 she started in Sia’s music videos for the hit song “Chandelier”. Maddie won the Best Choreography Award on 2014 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS for her unique dancing choreography in Sia’s “Chandelier”. The “Chandelier” video reached 562.000.000.

The world was amazed by the collaboration between Sia and Maddie, and wanted to see more. Sia wasn’t ready to give up on her shining star and once again hired the talented dancer to star in her “Elastic Heart” video alongside famous actor Shia LaBeouf. The video was made in a specially designed cage where Maddie and Shia showed of their incredible dance movies. The video came across some negative commentaries, calling it a pedophilic video. Despite the nasty comments, millions of people called their dancing – a real piece of art. She became a real star and started appearing in the most famous shows in America such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dancing with the Stars, and Saturday Night Live showing off her amazing dance moves while Sia performed her biggest hits.


In 2015 the amazing dancer even performed on the 57th Annual Grammy Awards where she received standing ovations from the crowd. Despite reaching stardom, Maddie stayed true to herself and in 2012 she partnered with “Starlight Children’s Foundation” to raise awareness for chronically ill youth. She loves helping other children and she thinks that that’s a rewarding experience. She’s quite a little philanthropist. Even though she’s only 12, she has a successful career. The future for this amazing dancer is bright and we predict a stunning worldwide career. Her unique talent will take her far and the world will remember the name Maddie Ziegler.

The Controversy Behind the “Elastic Heart” Video 

In 2015, when the “Elastic Heart” video came out, it caused lots of controversy. The video featured actor Shia LaBeouf and Maddie wrestling in a cage and people started calling the video inappropriate. She wasn’t quiet about the controversies surrounding the video and she soon spoke about the video. “I’ve never danced with a much older guy like that before — and it wasn’t like we were actually dancing together because we were fighting each other. We were battling. I’m supposed to be portraying a werewolf and pretty much Shia and I have been just living in the cage for a year and I’m the strong one and I’m trying to pretty much kill him,” she explained.

Sia also felt the need to say sorry to the world for considering her video to be pedophilic. Sia tweeted: “I anticipated some pedophilia!!!’ Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play”. Despite all the controversy, the song and the video were huge hits. The video reached 145.000.000 views and millions claimed that the dancing between Shia and Maddie was a work of art and emotional.