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Meet Isabelle LN Lindberg, the Photographer to Watch

Isabelle Lemoine, aka Isabelle LN Lindbergh, is the French photographer that luxury brands and artists are raving about right now. 

If her name means anything to you, it’s because her grandfather was none other than Charles Lindbergh, the first aviator to have flown New York to Paris non-stop in 1927. Almost a century later, his granddaughter, in turn, serves as an avant-garde in combining technology, conceptual work and risk taking in another field, and art of her own, photography.

Isabelle LN Lindbergh was born in France near Paris, and she has worked for many brands over the years, to create high-end images: Lancômes, Saint Laurent, Kerastase, Pure Altitude, Villebrequin, Josie Marant and Evalia to name a few.

In Europe, her name is everywhere and her « savoir-faire » is in high demand.

Famous artists put their image in her hands : Rappers such as Oboy, pop singers such as Kimberose, influencers such as Sonia Telve, they all trust her creativity to capture their songs, their personalities and their messages through her photographs.

Isabelle LN Lindbergh has always been profoundly attached to the image of the woman. 

She photographs older women, pregnant women and people who don’t fit in the codes imposed by fashion, to reveal their unique beauty and change their perception of themselves.

A new journey back to the land of her ancestors

The growing demand from her clients to work in the United States to share her unique knowledge and outstanding artistic creations might soon lead her in the footsteps of her grandfather, in New York, where she’s also planning an exhibition entirely dedicated to him…

Discover her work 

on Instagram @isabelle lindbergh and @isabelle ln musique