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Mastermind Dog Escapes From an Animal Shelter and Breaks Out 3 Doors

This 2 year old German Shepard is truly a mastermind dog. She really pulled an “El Chapo” while escaping from an animal shelter through 3 sets of doors. Ginger was brought to the “Apple Valley Animal Shelter” last weekend because her owner who’s homeless couldn’t take care of her anymore.

“Her previous owner didn’t want her to live out of a vehicle. It was a very difficult thing for him,” explains Gina Whiteside.

Although Ginger was brought to the shelter, she was determined not to be trapped. That afternoon the dog jumped out of her 6-foot kennel and managed to open 3 closed doors. Whiteside said that the dog probably did all this to get back to her owner.

During her escape, Ginger activated the motion sensor alarms, but by the time the animal control arrived, the dog was gone. The dog even made a grand exit- jumping on counter tops and chairs.

“When the animal control officer came, he noticed that the front counter phones were all over the floor and papers as well. It looked like someone trashed the front area,” said Gina.

Ginger was found 3 days later, a couple of blocks away from her owner’s house and was brought back to the shelter. She’s in a much more secure kennel now.

After the video surfaced, tons of people called to adopt the mastermind dog.

“She’s a pretty awesome dog,” Whiteside said.