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Marriage and Down Comforter Have More In Common than You Think

There are many reasons why down comforters and pillows make the best beddings. Down beddings give you natural warmth, contours to the body, and it breathes. This description can very well fit your life-long partner, doesn’t it? You see, marriage and down comforters have a lot in common. If sharing the same bed is the only thing you can think of, you’re in for a surprise.

It might feel strange thinking about what similarities marriage and down comforters have with each other. The bottom line is that both give you a lot of health benefits. Using a healthy comforter can result in better sleep. And consistently getting a good night’s sleep has many positive effects on your health. The health benefits of marriage, contrary to what many single people may believe, has scientifically been proven.

When we think about the benefits of marriage, we often refer only to the economic and legal benefits. True, if you’re married, you qualify for certain income tax deductions. On the legal aspect, marriage also has numerous advantages. This includes spousal privilege and joint parenting, among others. But what about the benefits of marriage from well-being perspective?

Better Mental Health

It is acknowledged that married people have better mental health compared to unmarried people. Marriage is considered as a source of social support and companionship. In some societies, marriage help people achieve a higher level of positively valued social status. Marriage is also associated with better emotional well-being because it reduces relationship insecurity. Studies have also shown that married people are less prone to depression.

While marriage is associated with better mental health, sleep is associated with improved concentration and better memory. It is widely acknowledged that getting a lot of sleep will lessen risks of depression. The key point here is that when you regularly sleep well, this also results in better mental health.

Down comforters can help you sleep better because it gives you the weighted warmth you need for a cozy sleep. Down feathers are excellent natural insulators, which is the reason why you stay warm all night.

You can also choose down comforters in different fill weights to match your preference. The weight of the down comforter puts a little pressure on your body. The right pressure makes you feel safe and snug which helps you relax and sleep better.

Improved Overall Health

Many studies have reported about marriage being associated with lower risks of developing diseases. This includes lesser dangers of cancer, as well as better post-surgery survival rates. People in happy marriages are also found to have the better immune function. Well, you don’t need to get married to improve your health. Sleeping well is one way to do it.

Sleep deprivation is considered as a form of torture. It can lead to impaired memory and learning, as well as not being able to focus clearly. One of the risk factors associated with obesity is short sleep duration.

Aside from the tendency to be obese, poor sleepers also have a higher risk of developing heart disease. The opposite is true – when you sleep better, it leads to improved memory and learning. You also won’t have a high risk of developing obesity or heart conditions. To sum, sleeping well improves your overall health

A Source of Warmth

It is often said that husbands and wives are each other’s source of warmth and comfort. For newlyweds, waking up warm and cozy while being snuggled by your other half is probably a familiar heart-warming experience.

It’s not the same thing, but down comforters can give you the same sense of warmth and coziness, too. Due to its softness, it follows your contours and naturally conforms to your body. Waking up to that feeling of being snuggled is simply a great way to start the day.

A Source of Cozy Familiarity

Ever seen husbands and wives sharing a look that only they understand? We usually refer to that as their level of familiarity with each other. Married couples often achieve that level of closeness where they don’t have to say anything; one glance would already suffice.

Familiarity is probably one of the top reasons why married couples stay together. Well, that’s excluding their children and their children’s well-being, of course. Like what they say about the devil that you know is better. In any case, marriage does breed this level of familiarity. And that is a source of comfort for married couples. They still sleep comfortably next to each other even after a fight.

Your favorite down comforter is also a source of cozy familiarity. Just like babies have their favorite blankets, adults also get attached to their comforters. It’s all about conditioned response. You know that using your favorite down comforter helps you sleep better, so when you use it, sleep comes quickly.

Positively Valued Social Status

Some might see this as a bit of a stretch. It’s true, nonetheless. In many cultures, married people benefit from having a higher social status as compared to single people.

You can see this in organizations, clubs, and even business establishments that have a “married people only” membership. Some business establishments offer rates that are exclusive to married people only. These show that society tends to associate a higher social status for married couples.

Down comforters are not precisely like Ferraris or Rolex watches. But when people see your guestroom and find down comforters, they’ll appreciate that better than plain blankets. And it’s not just in the guestroom. When you go shopping for beddings, you might notice that buying down comforters will get you a slightly different treatment.

For one thing, down comforters are more expensive than your regular duvets. And they’re also considered more luxurious, opulent even. The saleslady won’t exactly revere you for buying a down comforter. But she’ll probably give you a slight nod of approval and maybe a little envious smile. Just remember you’re not buying a down comforter for the status value, you’re buying it for your comfort.

Some Quick Tips

While we’re talking about shopping for beddings, here are some tips to help you determine which down comforter suits you best. Everybody has unique sleep preferences. Some people like warm and heavy comforters while others prefer lighter covers. If you’re looking for a warm down comforter, choose one that has a high fill weight.

This refers to the amount of down content. Just note that the more down a comforter has, the more warmth it will provide. If you like loft or fluff, then you’ll need to look at the fill power. Higher fill power would mean lighter and fluffier comforters. For a luxurious feel, buy a down comforter that has a thread count of 400 or higher.

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