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Man Saves 6 Kittens and Then Sets Up Trap To Capture Their Mom

A rescue group form Malmesbury, Western Cape got a call for a litter of kittens, and they immediately sent one of their volunteers to see what’s happening.

When Luke arrived on the scene, he found 6 kittens, but wasn’t able to find their mother.

He knew that the kittens wouldn’t survive without mother, so he decided to wait for her to show up. Meanwhile, Luke set up a trap, put the kittens inside and waited for the cat. While they were all waiting for hours, he bottle fed the kittens. Fortunately, the plan worked out and mother cat showed up to check her babies. She went into the trap, then the family was placed in a foster home.

Now, the mother and her kittens are doing fine, and they’re all waiting for their loving homes.