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Make Money From Home

Thanks to the internet, making money while staying at home is a perfectly feasible way to top up your income. Here are some great ways to do so.

Completing Online Surveys

Paid online surveys won’t make you rich but they will boost your bank balance and help you afford an occasional treat. Surveys can take anything from 1 minute to more than 1 hour, but the payment is in line with the survey’s length. Survey websites are in plenty online, but one of the best is Prolific Academic, where you simply complete surveys for academics and receive payment once you reach $5.

Free Daily Draws

Are you aware that you can earn money for free through your postcode? Besides the FREE Postcode Lottery, there are numerous other daily free lottery websites. All you have to do is register and then check the website daily to check whether you have won. Advertising is the main source of revenue for the websites, which means that they are able to pay out winnings.

Start a Blog

Blogging is not just an amazing hobby, but it can also help you generate an income and enjoy other amazing benefits. You need a topic that you really love and a platform – you can even start without having to spend anything.

Bloggers earn their money in various ways including advertising, affiliates (where a person buys something after the blogger writes about it), sponsored posts (where a blogger is asked to write about a brand’s products), and numerous other ways. Bloggers can also get some amazing freebies for them to try out. It is not as easy as simply starting a blog, but the earning potential is limitless if you put in the hard work.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is definitely not something that you can do while at home, but you can do it when you are out and about. It is where you get paid to check the quality of service a particular company provides – usually a restaurant or store. It is not only a great way to earn extra income but you also get your meal or purchase paid for. If you want more information on mystery shopping and the companies that you should consider registering with, you can check out a previous post that discusses this in great detail.

Focus Groups

Taking part in focus groups is an excellent way to earn extra money. Focus groups helps brands get an idea of how potential customers are likely to react to a new service or product and make any necessary changes before release. To get your valuable feedback, brands are willing to pay for your time. It is even possible to complete focus groups online, which means that you can earn money without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Make Money by Reselling on eBay

Reselling on eBay is growing in popularity and is simply a step up from selling unwanted items. Reselling refers to where you buy an item for the specific purpose of reselling it on eBay. Auctions, charity shops, and car trunk sales are excellent places to source items to resell.

Use Your Smartphone to Earn Money

Are you aware that it is possible to earn money using your smartphone? You will find plenty of apps that let you earn money using your phone. Whether it is entering free draws, completing surveys on the go, or completing location-based tasks, it is now possible to make your smartphone pay for itself.

Testing Websites

Testing websites is an easy way to earn money that virtually anybody can do. Some website testing platforms will pay you as much as $10 for every website tested. You simply have to log in and record our voice speaking your thoughts and answering some questions aloud. Each test lasts about 20 minutes and payments are made on a monthly basis.

Virtual Assistance

Offering your services as a virtual assistance is another excellent way to make money from home. Virtual assistants help individuals or businesses with anything and everything, from social media management to booking travel, but without being with them like a traditional assistance. You get to work from home and around your schedule.