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How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer       

Every girl is obsessed with her makeup and looks for all sorts of ways to make her makeup last longer. Using high quality products isn’t enough, so we have some advice that can help your makeup last longer.


1. Use Light Moisturizer As Base

Clean your face first and then apply a light moisturizer on your skin. This will help you maintain your skin’s moisture. It’s really important to find the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. Don’t avoid using this product eve if you have oily skin, it will give a nice glow.

2. Use Good Base

Having a nice base is key to make your makeup last longer. Before applying your foundation, use a base that will even out your complexion.

3. Use Sponges and Brushes

The best way to apply your foundation is by using sponges and brushes. If you don’t have that in your home, apply your foundation gently with your fingers, leave it to dry a little and wipe of the extra foundation with a tissue.

4. Fill in Your Eyebrows

Use a pencil to correctly fill in your eyebrows. Choose a color slightly lighter than your natural. Use gentle strokes to fill in the brows, and finish up with some eye shadow to make your brows look more natural.

5. Apply Base On Your Eyelids

Apply special eyelid base before applying any eye shadow. This base will prevent your shadow to smudge and will make the eye shadow last longer.

6. Eyeliner Instead Of Eye Pencil

Always choose eyeliner instead of eye pencil. Always apply your liner last, after you’ve put on eye shadow, to make it last longer. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge and can’t be wiped off that easy, as the pencil can, and it will last longer.

7. Lip Pencil is a Must

Always use lip pencil before you apply your lipstick or lip gloss. This way your lips will look fuller. Then apply a mat lipstick, these lipsticks last longer.

8. Waterproof Mascara

If you want your makeup to last all night long, always apply a waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara doesn’t smudge and it lasts longer than ordinary mascara.

9. Set Everything

After your done with your makeup, apply powder to set your makeup. You can also use a specially designed fixator that will keep your makeup in place.

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