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Lottie and Grizzly: Two Dogs that Love to Hug on Every Picture

Meet Lottie and Grizzly, the two dogs that love to hug when their picture is taken. Their owners posted a video of them hugging on their YouTube Channel and incredible, their video reached 23 million views in a few days.

The 2-year old Border Collie, Lottie just loves hugging her best friend Grizzly, the German Shepherd. Their owner Taylor Duguay first adopted Lottie when she was only 4-months old. One year later, she adopted the 7-months old Grizzly.

From the moment Grizzly got adopted, Lottie started taking care of her new friend and ever since then, both dogs are inseparable.

“Their relationship is incredible. Lottie is convinced that Grizzly is her baby and she’s been taking care of him from the first day,” explains Taylor.

Lottie learned 250 tricks from her owner, but hugging Grizzly was not something her owner taught her.

“Lottie did it all by herself. The first time she hugged Grizzly, Grizzly didn’t know what was happening. Now when I ask Lottie who’s her best friend is, she snuggles against Grizzly and gives him a hug,” explains their owner.

Take a look at these amazing hugging dogs!

Lottie-and-Grizzly-Two-Dogs-that-Love-to-Hug-on-Every-Picture-1 Lottie-and-Grizzly-Two-Dogs-that-Love-to-Hug-on-Every-Picture-2 Lottie-and-Grizzly-Two-Dogs-that-Love-to-Hug-on-Every-Picture-3 Lottie-and-Grizzly-Two-Dogs-that-Love-to-Hug-on-Every-Picture-4

PICS BY TAYLOR DUGUAY / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Lottie hugs Grizzly ) - Two canine best friends who cant stop hugging each other have melted the internets heart. Lottie and her doggie pal, Grizzly, have racked up more than 23 MILLION views after their heart-warming trick went viral last week. In a video posted by their owner Taylor Duguay, the two-year-old Border Collie, Lottie, wraps her paws around Grizzly the German Shepherd. Taylor, 20, from Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, adopted Lottie when she was four-months-old. A year later Grizzly joined the family after being rescued from the streets at just seven-weeks-old. SEE CATERS COPY/CATERSNEWSAGENCY_1218.08/Credit:TAYLOR DUGUAY / CATERS NE/SIPA/1601141241