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Stray Puppies Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other Since They Were Rescued by Buddhist Nuns

These two stray puppies were wandering lost and confused in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They have recently been adopted by Buddhist nuns in a pagoda and the two haven’t stopped hugging each other ever since. The bigger puppy keeps little pal in his paws in order to protect him.


No one can imagine what the little dogs have experienced in the streets before being taken in the temple that has made them look so scared and vulnerable. Luckily, they are in good hands now. The Buddhist Nuns are taking good care of them, they are even trying to learn meditation too.

Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-2 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-3 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-4 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-5 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-6 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-7 Stray-Puppies-Won’t-Stop-Hugging-Each-Other-Since-They-Were-Rescued-by-Buddhist-Nuns-8