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Lose 15 Pounds in 5 Weeks and Get Your Best Body Ever

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get our body in the best shape ever. That is why we created the perfect diet for you: you’ll get 1350 calories and 25 gr. of slimming fibers per day. Stick to this diet and do your regular trainings and you’ll end up losing 15 pounds for 5 weeks.

Choose your breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner and get your best body ever.


All breakfast meals are around 400 calories.

Green Smoothie


  • 1½ cups low-fat milk
  • 1 chopped frozen banana
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 2 tbsp. rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed
  • 1 tbsp. honey

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Egg Sandwich

In a pan, cook 1 egg and 2 slices of turkey bacon. Put your cooked egg and bacon over an English muffin. Add 2 slices of tomato and 2 lettuce leaves.

Smoked Salmon on Rue Bread

Get 2 pieces of rye bread and spread 2 tbsp. low fat cream cheese on them. Top your bread with 1 slice of smoked salmon and 2 tbsp. fresh chives.

Spinach and Potato Puree


In a big pan, sauté 1 cup shredded potatoes and 2 cups baby spinach. Whisk 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg and add them in the pan. Top everything with 2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese and some salt and pepper.

Marmalade and Walnut Toast

Mix 2 tbsp. marmalade, ½ cup cottage cheese, 3 tbsp. chopped walnuts and some cinnamon. Put this delicious mixture on 2 slices of bread and you get your perfect breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

Choose 2 meals daily. All the meals are around 400 calories.

Soup with a whole-grain roll 


Heat up 1 ½ cup canned lentil or butternut squash soup. Add 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar. Serve the soap with 1 whole grain roll.

Smoked Salmon Sushi

Wrap 3 seaweed sheets with a mixture of 2 tbsp. shredded cucumber, 3 tbsp. cooked brown rice, 2 tbsp. shredded carrot, ½ ounce smoked salmon and 1 tbsp. chopped avocado.

Chicken Salad

In a bid salad bowl, add ½ cup chopped carrots, 2 cups lettuce or any salad greens you like, 1 chopped hard-boiled egg, ¼ cup chopped avocado and 2 ounces skinless, baked chicken. Drizzle 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar over your salad.

Wild Salmon


In a bowl, mix 3 tbsp. chopped celery, 4 ounces canned salmon, 1 tbsp. chopped chives, 1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbsp. olive oil and some black pepper. Serve this with 10 crackers.

Tofu Sandwich

In a frying pan, cook 1 piece of tofu until it’s golden. Once your tofu is cooked, it’s time to prepare your sandwich. Place the tofu on a whole grain roll, add sliced cucumbers, ¼ chopped avocado and some fresh cilantro.

Potato and Beans Taco

In a skillet, sauté 1 chopped sweet potato, ¼ tbsp. cumin and 1 chopped garlic clove for 10-15 minutes. Add ½ cup canned, black beans and cook for 5 more minutes. Warm up 3 corn tortillas, add the potato and beans mixture and top everything with fresh cilantro and salsa.

Gnocchi with Walnuts and Arugula


Cook ¾ cup of potato gnocchi. Serve your gnocchi with 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar, 2 cups fresh arugula, 2 tbsp. olive oil and some chopped walnuts.

Scallops with Bacon and Spinach

In a skillet, cook 6 scallops, 3 minutes on each side. In a big plate, toss ½ cup cherry tomatoes, 2 ½cup spinach, 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar and add the cooked scallops on top.


You’re allowed to have one snack a day. Each of these snacks has around 150 calories.


  • 45 pistachios
  • 4 sticks of celery with some almond butter
  • 1 cup baby carrots or 1 cup broccoli with tzatziki sauce
  • 1 cup edamame
  • 8 tortilla chips with 4 tbsp. bean dip


You’re allowed to have 1 treat a day. Each treat has around 150 calories.


  • Apple Crisp
    Slice 1 apple and microwave it for 3 minutes. Top your apple with2-3 tbsp. granola.
  • German Chocolate Yogurt Parfait
    Mix 2 tbsp. cacao powder, 2 tbsp. honey and ½ cup non-fat Greek yogurt. Top your dessert with some shredded coconut and chopped pecans.
  • Chocolate Nut Bark
    Melt 2tbsp. chocolate chips and put the melted chocolate on a parchment paper. Sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the chocolate and put the chocolate in the fridge to cool.
  • Pumpkin Mousse
    Mix ½ cup canned pumpkin, ½ cup non-fat Greek yogurt and 1 tbsp. honey. Top your treat with some cinnamon.