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What to Look for In a Home Remodeling App

One of the most intense DIY projects that can be undertaken is a home remodeling project. The mere thought of redoing a room, not to mention a whole house, can be daunting. At the same time, outsourcing the work isn’t always an option. Not only is it expensive, but it also requires someone to be present at the house to regularly monitor progress. The process works better if home owners can do it their own pace and at a budget that is comfortable to them. In order to do help homeowners achieve their DIY goals, a crop of companies have developed remodeling apps that help ease them into the process.

These applications, such as Buildshop for homeowners, can really simplify a homeowner’s life. Whether you need to change the layout of the house or you’re making a new room and need plans for it or you’re looking for some expert advice on a home repair, these apps provide the tools that even first time home owners can use. And while floor plans that are activated when you touch your phone to a wall or 3D apps that help you move furniture around are, here are some key features to look for in a good home remodeling app.

1. Measurement

This is the most crucial part of any construction or remodeling activity. Even half an inch here or there can cause the whole room to be thrown off balance. An app should be able to take accurate measurements, use tools to check the level of the room and walls and a convertor for more ease and versatility. Look for an app that can show you dimensions of every single space, door, windows and other aspects in the room.

2. Design Help

An app that gives you the best ideas for furniture placement, light fixtures etc., is a handy one to have. Find an app that gives you access to numerous photographs and allows you to save, add notes or check the products and their place of procurement. Design isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and with an app, you’ll won’t have to struggle with it. Whether it’s a kitchen island or a built-in china cabinet, design apps can come to the rescue.

3. Budget Concerns

Remodeling can be exciting, fun and rewarding – provided your budget cooperates. Imagine getting half way through your plans and then realizing you don’t have enough funds to finish the project. It’s not an ideal situation. An app that calculates the money you’ve spent and on what, updates the amounts regularly and keeps you posted is one that you need.

4. Collaboration

Remodeling projects often involve more than one person. It helps to have an app that lends itself to everyone to use. Find an app that allows collaboration and cooperation, whether it’s in the form of comments, suggestions, adding photographs or sharing plans.

5. Expert Advice

Sometimes you have a clear idea on what you want and may just need a critical eye and a patient, experienced ear to listen to what you have in mind. Enter the building expert. If, at the touch of a button, you can talk to or text an expert, it may just prevent you from making an expensive mistakes in your remodeling journey.