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What Are The Latest Gifting Trends In The City of Bangalore!

It’s summer and the city of Bangalore is craving for some celebrations!

The refreshing pool parties, cool Sunday brunches, wedding celebrations, love celebrations and theme birthday parties are going to rock the season in the enchanting city of Bangalore!

And for all the celebrations and expressions, what else can be the best companion other than vibrant and fragrant bunches of flowers to adorn any celebration or a party. Yes, flowers are the latest gifting trends in the city of Bangalore, simply because they are affordable, they bring cheer and they are loved by one and all. To send flowers to Bangalore, you do not have to hop from one florist to another. You can just sit in the comfort of your room and log on to MyFloralKart to order a magnificent bouquet of flowers for your loved ones in Bangalore.

If you find it very difficult to make an exact choice matching with the right occasion, we are here to help you.

So, to go by the latest gifting trends and to send flowers to Bangalore, here is a brief idea about right flowers for the right occasion:

Love Expression : From ancient times a rose especially red, is the most romantic medium of expressing your love. Even a bunch of chrysanthemums or pretty lilacs or red tulips are a perfect alternate. Log on to MyfloralKart to choose a beautiful bunch of love flowers.

Wedding Celebrations:  A lovely flora arrangement is a vital element of any wedding ceremony. So a balanced usage of flowers like berries, blueberries, daisies, foxgloves, geranium etc is good for making a memorable event for the newly knotted couple.

Celebrating Friendship: Friends play a remarkable role in our lives. So be it a beginning of a new friendship or just thanking one; geraniums, irises and zinnias are the perfect choices. Send flowers to Bangalore to celebrate your friendship.

Wishing Luck: A bouquet of clover, orange blossom or bells of Ireland wrapped off with your wishes is a perfect gift for good luck. Even on occasions like baby shower, delivery of bells of Ireland is an absolute auspicious sign.

Expressing Gratitude: Convey your thankful attitude towards your well-wishers in Bangalore through a bunch of camellias, canterbury bells.

Birthday Parties: Birth Flower, a popular term used for flowers associated with different months of the year. Hence selecting the right bunch for the birthday star is the best thing to do before you send flowers to Bangalore to wish a birthday.

Here are the flowers for birth months:

January – Carnations

February – Violets

March – Daffodils

April – Daisies

May – Lilies of valley

June – Roses

July – Water Lilies

August – Poppies

September – Morning Glory

October – Calendula

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Narcissus or Holly

You can check out these flowers at MyFloralKart and send flowers to Bangalore for a birthday falling in any month.

Choose the right flowers as gifts for next occasion and send flowers to Bangalore only through MyFloralKart!