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Kitten Survives Being Tied to a Bush and Left to Die, Now is Ready for a Second Chance

Black cats are considered to be a bad omen, but this gorgeous little kitten will prove you wrong. The adorable 8-month old kitten was found tied to a bush with a rope around his neck near the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

One day, employees at Ford heard a small but mighty cry coming from a near bush. They followed the cry just to see a small, black kitten tied to the bush. They untied the kitten and gave him a name –Mustang.

“An animal control officer went out and it was found tied to some of the bushes and tangled up in there,” said Elaine Green, Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit. “Plus the rope was tied very tightly around the kitty’s neck.”

Mustang was brought to a shelter for a check up. The vets found that the rope was so deeply embedded in the poor kitten’s neck that maggots were eating the raw skin around it. Mustang is now recovering from his surgery and can’t wait to go to his new home. Yes, you’ve read it right, Mustang has already found a new owner who’s eager to adopt him as soon as he’s fully recovered.