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It’s Hammer Time: Renovation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

It might sound fun to just go hammer time on your entire home to renovate it, the reality is that big home improvement projects require a lot of effort, patience, and money. Focus is the key along with practical planning. You need balance thoughtful and budget-wise space upgrades.

In this article, we will show you a couple of important mistakes nearly everyone makes while doing a home renovation and the ways you can avoid them before it puts the home in your pockets.

Not focusing on the big rooms

Most homeowners looking to renovate don’t invest in the heart of the home, which is the living room or the kitchen. It’s vital to prioritize these spaces and it’s equally vital that functional spaces are updated, especially if you want to boost resale value. Focus on these before moving onto other spaces like the bedroom or the office.

Spending too much on the wrong things

If you want to invest in higher-priced items like bathroom fixtures or kitchen appliances, try balancing it with other affordable items. Try not to spend a lot on an accent wall and then going cheap for laminate floors instead of hardwood. Think about what will make the most impact when you decide to sell the home. It’s a game of compromise.

Ignoring the bathrooms

It’s very important to renovate your home’s bathroom, ensuring that they’re up to date so you can up the resale value down the line. The renovation can be super simple if you replace the outdated tile with classic stone or upgrading to new fixtures. You don’t have to make it a full overhaul.

Putting off landscaping

Your interior needs to be complemented by a good exterior. To that end, you must also spend some effort upgrading your landscape as it sets the mood and creates an atmosphere.

Forgetting the houses’ innate charm

Layering and mixing different time periods is always a great creative idea. For this, you need to know the bones of the home and respect its original architecture. If you’re not sure what to do with your space, you can hire an architect or designer to get an expert opinion.

Not hiring the right man for the job

Many homeowners choose a contractor without much consideration. It’s wise to research well and go with a referral. If you don’t have a referral or much budget, you can compare prices to know the best match for your finances.

Hire an architect and designer for serious renovation

If you’re going to splurge, then this is the right item to do that. Having a designer or architect on board will streamline the project as well as give you the best version of what you want to see in your home.

While DIY is great in theory, you never want to do more than you’re capable of when it comes to home renovations. Hired help can be essential.

When a new house is better than renovation

Ask yourself this – is the home honestly worth the renovation? It’s a difficult question, but if you’re unhappy with any part of the home, like run-down foundations, decrepit walls in large areas, etc, then a new home could be the better choice.

Many homeowners who are unhappy with their current neighbourhood would find the idea of renovating a home rather impractical. Consider investing in NSW house and land that are currently being developed and see if a new home should be considered for you and/or your family’s sake.

With that said, we wish you good luck with your home renovation!

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