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Importance of Maternity cover in Dubai

For the couples in UAE expecting a child, purchasing a maternity cover is the great option. There are different types of packages that cover various expenses related to pregnancy care, before and after childbirth costs etc., The basic and the most important advantage of getting a medical cover is to be protected against any complications that occurring before or after the pregnancy period.

Looking forward to why having a maternity insurance in Dubai is necessary, here are few of the reasons.

  • DHA mandates the health insurance coverage

First and the foremost reason for getting a maternity insurance is that as per Dubai Health Authority’s new law it is mandatory for all the Dubai residents to have a health insurance coverage. Also the DHA has set a minimum level of benefits which are required to be provided in all the health insurance policies being sold in Dubai. The maternity plans in UAE starts as low as AED 5,000.

  • You get to claim the benefits during prenatal period

The care given to a woman during pregnancy is called prenatal care and this is the period where the woman needs the most support emotionally, and financially.  So, if you have the maternity insurance then you can count on the prenatal benefits you get from it.

In accordance with the Dubai Health Authority’s new law, every health plan should provide the cover for eight prenatal appointments with OB/GYN, three prenatal scans and the basic bloodwork. Here the insurance holder has the maximum co-payment amount set at 10%. Relieving right?

Typically, the policies already cover a specific number of appointments, scans and tests depending on the type of plan. So, make sure you pick the right one. Also, the inclusion of postnatal complication benefits are to be considered. With this, policy you may rest assured for it covers the mother’s treatment for six to eight weeks after delivery in case of any complications.

  • You get to claim benefits for childbirth

Another importance of the maternity insurance is that you can claim the financial benefits for childbirth. Depending on the hospital you choose to give birth, the cost of pre, post and childbirth can be more than the basic coverage. So, this is where the maternity cover backs you with huge benefit.

According to DHA, there should be the coverage of up to Dh 70000 for normal delivery and Dh 10,000 for C-sections and again the co-payment is set at 10%, which means the insurance holder is required to 10% of the Dh 7000 in case of a normal delivery and full amount of the costs on top of that if any.

Note: Make sure to check the prices at different hospitals when choosing the best hospitals to give birth anticipating the surplus costs.

  • You get to claim benefits for your newborn

After a baby is born, the responsibilities raise their bar emotionally, physically and financially. There might be the instances where complications and surplus treatment requirements may arise for the baby following the birth. For which, DHA states that the basic maternity plans should cover the newborns at least 30 days from birth, on the other hand the premium policies get you covered with three months newborn care after the birth. These policies will relieve you with the great protection in case the child needs to spend an extended period in the hospital and undergoing treatment.

So, basically a medical cover is for your benefit and it is important for you to understand the various elements of it, also considering its limitations.

What if you are already pregnant and haven’t purchased a medical cover?

Though the health insurance is a benefitting aspect one can count on, the DHA has not set any rules or regulations regarding the waiting periods. Thus, the insurance holders require a waiting period of minimum six months before they can use the maternity coverage. Also, there can be the consequences of significantly higher fees if the things aren’t planned in advance.

Also, if you are deciding on to get a maternity cover while you are already pregnant then maternity cover for you will make no sense. The insurance company will increase the premium by a minimum of AED 25,000 to cover both child delivery and risks of any complications in case any. In simpler words, it can be cheaper for the applicant to pay for the delivery from their own pockets than buying an health insurance. So, it is better to take the steps with measurements in advance.

Bottom line

At last, it is important to find the right policy that meets all you needs and of course, the timing of getting a medical cover is crucial in this scenario. After, all the insurance is supposed to protect and support you financially in future events. So, why get late ?