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Importance of Acid-base Balance for the Human Body

Acid-base balance is a special medical term which stands for oxygen-hydrogen balance, about which probably everyone heard. So what balance exactly is meant and what importance does it all have to us? Which is better, to acidify or to alkalify our body? How alkaline water affects our organism? All of these incredibly vital questions will be covered in details in this article.

Acid-base Balance in Human Body

The highest pH level in our organism is in gastric juice and it equals 1.5 – 2.0. Such acidity level is necessary for normal digestion process and bacteria elimination. Sweat and urine are weak-acid reaction substances, as their function is to detoxify organism and clean it from excess acid, their pH level is 5.5. At the same time normally pH in intracellular and intercellular fluid, saliva and blood is 7.4—7.5. Maintaining it within the given range is vitally important for us.

When acid-base balance has a tendency to shift to acidulation, our organism grows weak, and there is a great risk to let viruses, bacteria and parasites destroy our body.

Acidulation as the Main Cause of Many Diseases

РН from Latin means “potentia hydrogen” or potential of hydrogen. And it is either oxygen (O2) or hydrogen (H) predomination. There is more hydrogen in acid substances, while base prevails in alkaline ones.

The higher the acidity level is, the less oxygen the substance has! And we all know that no life is possible without oxygen! Our cells can’t live without it, yet viruses and pathological bacteria can do perfectly well in anoxic conditions. Such environment is perfect for yeast fungus, parasites, and protozoa to multiply. That’s how pathogenic flora develops. Human organism becomes vulnerable, which provides opportunity for viruses to penetrate, weakens immune system and causes different diseases.

Acidulation is in fact a huge oxygen deficiency, when toxins and cell waists products accumulate in organs and tissues. This can lead to unpleasant chain of consequences like accumulation of hardened acid wastes in blood vessels and capillaries, which causes blood circulation slowdown. Cells don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. All of this creates the risk of hypotension and hypertension, constant headaches, chronic fatigue, vegetovascular dystonia, kidney diseases, diabetes etc.

Day by day we acidify our organisms by consuming wrong food and drinks. Real harm to our organism bring sugar and any product containing it, white flour together with bakery and confectionery products, vinegar, packaged juices, carbonated drinks, black coffee, alcohol, processed and fast food.

Reconstruction of PH with the Help of Alkaline Water

Alkalization of organism is possible when you consume alkaline minerals like CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, SODIUM, and POTASSIUM.

There is an opinion that a cup of coffee can take away a daily value of Calcium from organism. This proves the fact that coffee having its pH level at 2.5 acidizes our body.

Hence consuming unhealthy food and drinks on a daily basis makes our organism use a huge amount of accumulated minerals for self-alkalization processes. As a result less Calcium is contained in bones, nails and hair become thin, our heart and blood vessels suffer.

Alkaline water rich in mineral ions helps to restore the normal level of pH. Oxygen-hydrogen balance of water is normally within the range of 4.5 – 8.5 (pH of a mountain stream is 6 – 8, rain pH is 4.5 – 6. Optimal pH of DRINKING WATER is 7.0 – 8.0. Such water can neutralize acid environment, alkalize blood, saliva, lymph etc.

Home Use Alkaline Water Pitchers

Today we can find a plethora of devises used for home water alkalization in the market. This includes items from expensive water ionizers to handy, easy to use, and equally effective pitcher-filters. Feel free to check out this article to have a better view of the best alkaline water pitchers.

Thank you very much for reading. Hope this article helped. Wish you all health and vivacity!