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Implementing Mid-Century Modern Design into Your Home

You may have noticed the mid-century modern trend becoming more and more popular over the years and there’s a good reason. This design style gives us clean lines, the love for a variety of materials, organic curves, and the timelessness of the style in itself. A trend that started around the mid-1930s to mid-1960s is continuing to appeal to today’s homeowners.

Characteristics of a Mid-Century Modern Design

A few stand-out characteristics of a mid-century modern home include a classic, understated look with clean lines and minimal clutter.

  • Uncluttered, sleek lines
  • Functionality
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Exploration of various organic materials & textures

Furnishing a Mid-Century Modern Style

You may feel compelled to replicate some of those Pinterest-worthy photos floating around, which can often leave you feeling intimidated or thinking this could be a very expensive style to tackle. Even though this is a highly sought after design style, you can find unique pieces that echo those iconic furnishings and decor that actually fit your lifestyle and budget.

Here are a few tips to consider when implementing a mid-century modern design in your home.

Take Your Time

If you don’t have the budget for a complete remodel, there’s no shame in taking your time. The key to finding great pieces for your home takes patience and persistence. Often, you’ll find great pieces for your home that may just need a little touching up. With a little DIY action, you’ll have those dream pieces much sooner, without breaking the bank.

De-clutter Your Space

Whether you are starting in the living room, bedroom, or the whole house, the entire home itself can instantly look more mid-century modern when it’s free from clutter. Remove unnecessary items from tables and countertops. Organize those loose pieces of paper and place small objects in boxes out of sight. Consider donating or reselling any pieces that don’t fit the mid-century modern theme.

Mix Old & New

Give your home a combination of vintage flea market finds as well as pieces that you already have on hand. The key is creating a visual balance that’s natural and well thought out. The end result of your new style should feel open, functional, and personal. Seek out modern classic furniture to round out this aesthetic.

Be Flexible

With your existing furniture, don’t be quick to throw everything out. Consider repurposing pieces to give them new life. Common items in your home that can easily be up-cycled into a mid-century modern look include: the coffee table, end tables, the dining table, chairs, and even cabinets and shelving.

Let the Outdoors In

Open up those curtains and embrace the natural lighting that already exists in your home. Choose decor that mixes prints and patterns from your home’s geographic location to help influence your design. For a southwestern location, consider bohemian patterns or chevron prints for a clean yet eclectic look.

Look At Your Lighting

Do your lights right by incorporating unique pendant lights and fixtures. These pieces are not only functional, but also pieces of art. Bold lighting is a must-have, but also remember that the mid-century modern style is not matchy-matchy, so don’t worry if you can’t find two of the exact same lamps for your end tables.

Start With One Piece

When implementing a mid-century modern design, small details can make a world of a difference. Whether you incorporate an artistic piece of art on the wall or simply add a few plants to your space, you can make a bold statement effortlessly. Keep things clean and simple with a few bold features.

Most mid-century modern homes have clean white lines, but by adding a little touch of glamour like a glitzy wallpaper in a printed pattern for an accent wall, the whole look comes together nicely, showcasing your own unique style and personality.

Luckily, the mid-century modern movement isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Take things slow and add in some of the above-mentioned tips to your current home and soak in those on-trend mid-century modern vibes.