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How To Style Hiking Boots

People love adventures. I, for one, can’t stop thinking about all the adventures I can have in this lifetime. Among all the advantages in the world, hiking is one that is loved by many. This is because hiking makes us enjoy the moment and makes us feel one with nature. But with every adventure activity, a shoe is one of the most important purchases. A shoe can make you either love or hate an adventure activity. Hence, for you to make sure you have a pleasant hiking experience, we made a list of some of the best hiking shoes and also some of the best ways to style a hiking boot. This way, instead of using hiking boots just for hiking, you can use them during your everyday activities with your other outfits as well.

Things To Look Into When Buying Hiking Boots

With that aside, let us first look at two of the important things to consider while getting a pair of hiking boots for men. Since during long hiking you might face many challenges, you have to make sure that you consider these below mentioned two conditions to have a pleasant experience while hiking.

The Purpose

The purpose is a really important matter to consider. When it comes to hiking, there are many activities ranging from light hiking to long hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering. Each of these activities requires a different type of hiking boot. Hence look into what type of activity you will be engaged in the most and pick your boot according to that.

Find the Fit

Fitting is equally important as the quality of the fabrics. For a comfortable fit with a pleasant experience make sure that you have enough room to move your toes inside the shoe. This makes sure to keep your feet less sweaty and also gives good airflow for an irritation free experience, especially during long hiking and backpacking.

Some of The Best Hiking Boots and Ways To Style Them

Now that we have finished the basics on what to look at when buying hiking boots, let us now have a look at some of the most commonly used hiking boots and some outfit styles that pair well with those boots:

High-Ankle Hiking Boots and Outfits

The high-ankle hiking boots are made to protect your ankles. These boots from Nortiv8 are made out of sturdy materials and hence can protect you from any challenge while hiking. They also look stylish enough to be worn every day. As for the outfits, these boots can be paired with your adventure clothes, your gym clothes, and even party wear and semi-casual date clothes as well.

Sneaker Type Hiking Boots

Sneaker type hiking boots are one of the best hiking boots for casual wear like jeans and pants and t-shirts. This is because these boots have the look of a sneaker while giving the protection of a hiking boot. Hence no one will notice any difference. In fact, if you are just a light adventurer that goes on hiking once every month, then these boots are your best choice. Other outfits that can be worn with these boots are semi-formal attire like a blazer and jeans and cotton pants with tucked-in shirts.

Closed-Toe Hiking Sandals and Outfits

One other footwear that you could add to this list is hiking sandals. As compared to the other hiking boots, these sandals provide similar protection but also provide more airflow due to their large side openings. Hence can be a great choice for short-distance hiking on a sunny day. As for the outfits, the hiking sandals can be matched with shorts and t-shirts of various colors and designs. Though they can be matched with track pants, shorts might look better. If you plan on buying a hiking sandal instead, then have a look at Nortiv8’s hiking sandals for quality and design at an affordable price range.

If you want to buy some hiking boots online, you can consider Nortiv 8. Nortiv8 is one of the best sellers for adventure related shoes online. Nortiv8 offers superior protection and durability. In addition, they also make sure the shoe looks stylish and classy as well.


To conclude, hiking boots, just like any other boot can be worn with everyday outfits. If you plan on buying one for such a purpose, all the above-mentioned shoes are a wonderful choice. Even though the options aren’t many, you could easily pair them with most of the everyday casual wear outfits. In the end, do have a look at Nortiv8 if you plan on buying quality hiking boots that will last you for a very long time.