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How to Start a Career With a Killer Resume

People emphasise over having a strong resume all the time, and they are not joking. In order to land a great job, your resume has to make a great first impression so that you can pass on to the next stage. There’s also a saying that “you only get 20 seconds to make an impression” which is very true. Human resource managers have to go through hundreds of resumes and this means that you have to make sure that yours stands out from the rest. Even though building an impressive resume sounds like a daunting task, it is not that difficult at all. You just have to follow some tips and guidelines that will help your resume be worth the employer’s time.

  1. Being yourself

Lots of people go through several resume examples to craft their own. While this is good idea, a you get some insight as to what you should be including in your resume, however, you should not completely rely on someone else’s resume to make your own. Remember you are your own person and that should be reflected by your resume. You need to list down things that distinguish you apart from others, and don’t worry you will have plenty of skills to jot down. So you have to start by identifying what really makes you stand out from the rest in order for your resume to be a unique one.

  1. Value centric

Keep in mind that your resume is going to be a one-page long document and not more than that. Which means you should only write down things that you believe will help you land the job. This information should be relevant and timely for the employer. Think of the job you are applying for, and then think of the skills that you have which will help you with the position. This is exactly what will push the employer to call you for an interview. If the skills that you have written down have nothing to do with the job then you need to discard them.

  1. Showing what you are capable of

One of the common mistakes that people make is that they only list down their skills without giving any extra information. However, what will really make you stand out is to show what exactly you are capable of. So if you write down that you are hard working and determined, you should give an example of how you used this skill in the past. Normally this is what employers want to see in resumes because they need to make sure that the person is exactly fit for the position which makes them deserving enough to be called for an interview. If you haven’t worked important positions in the past, that is completely okay too. You can use examples from your time at university or college such as working with groups and how you led a team and more.