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How to Set a Memorable Table for Your Holiday Dinner

Setting up a table for holiday dinner is a wonderful way to get into the spirit of things. We all love to go to events with fancy table settings, but we often find it hard to incorporate these ideas at home. Christmas is a time when you want to get innovative and have fun with the table decorations. The food on the table will always remain the star of the show, but having a nice backdrop for it could take the holiday meal to another level.

If you have always found it difficult to set a memorable table for dinner, we have some ideas to help you get on with the task. Here are the most practical ways to decorate the table for Christmas dinner.

Pick a theme

The holiday season is the perfect time to play with your table setting. The easiest way is to start by picking a theme and then working around it. You could go for a rustic feel, a modern glam look, or even a winter wonderland. Choose something that works well for everyone in the family. After picking a theme, you can choose the elements and colors that will take you to the desired outcome. You will then have to pick and lay out a tablecloth that blends with the theme. If you do not want to use the tablecloth, you can use linen table runners to complete the look.

Add plate chargers

The quickest way to add a little fancy to the dinner is by using plate chargers. However, you will have to coordinate with the theme. In case of a rustic theme, you can consider using tree trunk chargers, and if you want to keep it simple and classy, you can use a red charger to create the look. It will blend the theme and make the table setting classic and elegant. Take care of the table placements when preparing for a holiday dinner. The table should look complete with the right placement for utensils and plates.

Plate placements

Now let’s get to the plate placements. You can start by placing a charger below the dinner plate and then adding the salad plate on top of the dinner plate. You can add or remove the bread plate if you want to. If you want to add the bread plate, simply put it on the left-above corner of the salad plate and dinner plates and then place a butter knife horizontally across it.

Drinkware placement

You can now place the wine and water glasses in the top right-hand corner of the plate setting. If you are serving red and white wine, the red wine glass must be placed behind the white wine glass, and the water glass should be closest to the guest. If there are other dessert items like cups and saucers, you can place them below the glasses.

Cutlery placement

Now is the time to place the cutlery, and you can start with the dinner fork on the left side of the plate. Besides it, place the salad fork on the right side of the plate and put the knife with the rounded edge facing the place. On the right of the knife, put the dinner spoon and place the dessert spoon horizontally over the dinner plate.

Choose centerpiece

A high-quality centerpiece for your table will elevate any family gathering,’ says Cadeaux Christmas, a professional Christmas decorator in Dallas, Texas. You can make some unique and beautiful pieces the center of your conversation. Consider adding foliage or pick plants that can blend well with the theme. Even a small Christmas tree or pine cones can work as a centerpiece. Those who want floral arrangements can opt for roses, tallow berries, or hyacinths for the table. You can add warmth to the table with a deep color palette and add candles of varying heights to bring coziness to the space. It will make the atmosphere memorable and warm.

Now that you know how to start and go about setting a memorable table for your holiday dinner, nothing can stop you from being the best host. Preparing for dinner will become a breeze with these practical tips and ideas. Simply choose a theme and get your hands on your favorite serve ware. You can set the mood and make the dinner more festive than ever. But do remember to have fun in the process.

If you really want to go all out and impress, you could personalize the party with name cards. When you make the cards, place them above the dessert spoon or leave them on the plate if there is not enough space.