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How to Prepare for the Birth of Your First Baby

Congratulations! Every pregnancy is a miracle and a reason for great celebration, but when you first find out that you are pregnant it can feel like it is going to be a long wait to meet your baby. However, this period of gestation is important, it gives you plenty of time to prepare for the birth and the arrival of the newest addition to your family.

1. Learn about pregnancy

You will already be familiar with some aspects of pregnancy and how your body will change, but it is a good idea to read up about what is happening to you and your growing baby. There are online pregnancy calendars such as pampers.com that give you a week-by-week guide as to the changes you can expect to your body and how your baby is developing. It’s a great way to emotionally connect with your baby even before you feel it kick or your bump is visible.

2. Learn about the birthing process

The very idea of giving birth can be daunting to say the least – it’s the great unknown, and unfortunately, people have an unhelpful habit of telling expectant first-time moms their personal horror stories. However, you can alleviate some of your fears by attending birthing classes and learning from professionals about the process.

If you are active in learning about the birthing process, you will be more in control of it and be able to make decisions from an informed position. You’ll learn about pain management, breathing techniques and even about the equipment that you’ll see in the labor suite. You’ll be able to see the different ways that women give birth and write a birth plan that appeals to you. Although do remember, being informed and having a preferred birthing plan does not mean that your delivery will go as you plan. The birth of a baby is unique in every situation, and no one can predict the outcome. Sometimes problems do occur, in which case a solicitor for birth injuries should be instructed – but please note, these instances are a rarity and not the norm.

3. Decide who will be your birthing partner(s)

Women have very different views on who should be with them when they give birth. Some just want their partners, and others like to have their own moms or friends with them for the momentous occasion. There’s no right or wrong, it is completely up to you. You should not feel pressured into having people attend who you are not 100% comfortable with being there. It’s a good idea to discuss this before the event to avoid overly enthusiastic grandmas being upset or having their nose pushed out of place! It is your decision but bear in mind that while you are giving birth, you can go through all the emotions in a short space of time and feel vulnerable.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, and before you have given birth it can be hard to imagine how much you will love your baby from the minute you lay eyes on it. Educate yourself about pregnancy and the birthing process so that you are best placed to make informed decisions, and you may just be inspired enough to do it all over again!