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How to Naturally Treat Your Vaginal Discharge

All women have a vaginal discharge. It’s usually a small amount of clear, white or yellowish substance that can increase during your ovulation days. Some women struggle with increased vaginal discharge, which is mainly caused by uterus infections, stress, fungal infection etc. Any change in the amount and color in your discharge might be a sign of vaginal infection. Don’t need to stress yourself because this problem can be easily solved. If you don’t want to take medication, you can treat your vaginal discharge the natural way.


Here’s how to naturally treat your vaginal discharge:

1. Olive oil and Marigold

In a jar, mix some olive oil with marigold and leave the jar in a warm place for a couple of days. Apply the mixture into the uterus while laying down. Apply the mixture before going to bed.

2. Lard

Wash the lard at least 10 times. Apply some lard on a small, cotton towel and apply the towel like a pad. Do this therapy in between menstrual cycles. This therapy will help you cure vaginal infections and inflammations.

3. Nettle and Ivy Tea

Fill your pot with water and then add 3 tbsp. ivy leaves, 3 tbsp. nettle leaves, 3 tbsp. walnut leaves and 2 tbsp. chamomile. Once the water starts boiling, cook for a few minutes. Let the mixture cool, strain it and drink one cup, 2 times a day.

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