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How to Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife

All women in this world collectively have a strong, innate desire to look beautiful till eternity. And why just women, even men have become quite conscious of their looks and skin in the recent past. There have been and there will always be many products in the market that boast of giving the looks you desire, or giving the skin you have always wanted. This multi billion dollar industry which thrives on selling artificial products to give you ‘natural beauty’ is afterall, all about your inner beauty! Such a paradox, isn’t it!

In the recent times, considering how medical science has evolved in each sphere of life, dermatology has also made progress in leaps and bounds. With continuous research, we now have many medical procedures and recommendations that can give us the kind of skin we want. Not only the medicines can cure us of any skin disease or infection, it can also help us to make our skin look better and enhance our facial features using surgical operations or botox. If you want to get one such procedure done, you can contact Cosmetica training who not only train nurses and doctors but also conduct botox surgery.

In case you are not in the favour of going under the knife to look younger or more beautiful, you may choose other, natural ways to look better naturally. These are pretty much simple things that you have to incorporate in your lifestyle and the results will be par excellence!

Let us see what are those small habits that can save you from a surgery!

Let go of the daily brownie- along with many other negative effects that excess of sugar can have on your health, one of them is the damage that it does on your skin by the process of glycation. It affects the skin’s fibre which are responsible for holding it tight and has an adverse effect on it by melting it. Try to abstain from eating the tempting pastries and the delicious shakes if you want to have a glowing skin. Instead shift to whole grain food items. You can still have your treat once in a while but it is mandatory that you give up the daily indulgence!

Eat fresh produce and protein rich diet- the main motive here is to have a diet rich in antioxidants. They are the body’s best defense mechanism against free radicals. Free radicals are proven to be harmful for skin cells, causing your skin to get damaged easily and age earlier. It is therefore recommended to have a diet which has a high amount of antioxidants like fresh vegetables and fruits. You must eat a protein rich diet as well like fish for the same effect. It may even reverse the aging process. So a visit to the local farmer’s market once in a while is a must!

Say no to smoking- this might be the most difficult for the ones who are chain smokers but if you love your skin more than the pack of cigarettes kept in your pocket, then you will have to quit smoking. Those who smoke have a drier, more wrinkled skin as compared to non-smokers. It will not start having positive effects on the first night itself, but you will start seeing the effects soon after you quit smoking.

Have proper sleep and drink a lot of water-  beauty sleep’ is not a myth! The more peaceful and proper your sleep is, you will have a better skin. You must have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours which can rejuvenate your skin everyday. Along with that, you must drink enough water daily to keep your skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin means wrinkled skin, which means aging faster. Start paying attention to your sleep cycle and how much water you drink daily!

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