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What Are The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

The popular phrase `beauty sleep` is accepted by everyone. The finally provided evidence about good night’s sleep is more than just an expression, actually it is science. Getting beauty sleep means a minimum of 7 to 8 hours. Less than 5 or 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis means increasing your risk of health issues.


Healing Skin

`Beauty sleep` is a real magic. Your skin heals during the night from the damage through the day. When you go to sleep for about 8 hours, your skin takes the chance to improve. At the morning you will wake up fresh, full with energy with healthier and rosy skin.

Less Breakouts

More sleep means clearer skin and fewer breakouts. The lack of sleep can cause stress conditions, which lead to appearance of acne and blackheads on your skin. Some experts found out that even the older people who’re stressed have more breakouts.

Fresh look and brighter eyes

If you want sparkling eyes at the morning, here is the key. Do not let the dark circles show at your face. Dark circles are often genetically transmitted within the family, but they can get even darker if you not get enough shut-eye. To cover the dark circles apply a light layer of eye cream than apply a concealer lighter than your skin.

Even Skin Tone

Beauty sleep makes healthy blood flow to your skin and at the morning you will have even skin tone. If you wake up with uneven skin, you can cover the face with applying foundation.

You will look better and more beautiful

For sure you will get more beautiful if you had enough sleep during night. Some researches from Sweden had a study research when a group of people took a look at pictures of sleepless people and ones who had about 8 hours of sleep. The well rested people seemed healthier, better and more attractive than others.

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