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How Do I Start Healthy in the Morning?

Waking up in the morning isn’t always well articulated as we often see in movies. Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to stretch about in bed and sip coffee with a rose flower by the tray. After a long day and probably a night out, it’s pretty difficult to wake up feeling joyful in the morning and positively refreshed for the day ahead. So when you have no option but to wake up early and start your daily routine; be it in an office setting or informal workplace, it’s advisable to kick=start your morning in a healthy way to boost your morale. But how do you go about it?

Get A Good Night Sleep With Open Window Blinds

It’s often said that ” our body gives us back what we offer it.” So if you want to start your morning on a high note, leave some blinds open to pave in the morning sunshine. Once the sun hits your face, it instantly sends signals to your brain to alert it. In this case, the brain works to stop the production of melatonin ( a sleep-triggering hormone) and instead switches its focus to produce more adrenaline, indicating it’s time to wake up. So you get to slowly wake up in the most natural way without the nuisance of the alarm clock.

Start Your Day With A Warm Glass Of Water

Water should always be your number one reach-out drink in the morning. And because it might be a little too early to start with cold drinks, it’s advisable to have it warm and with a dash of lemon/honey or a combination. It has several benefits one of which includes boosting your body’s capability to circulate nutrients from the previous day’s dinner. Water also plays a very significant role in flushing out toxins that your body accumulates throughout the night.

Additionally, if you’re trying to lose weight, then you wouldn’t want to pass on any chance to drink water. Apart from keeping you hydrated from day-start, a glass of water will make you feel full, thus preventing you from overeating. This is because it’s very easy for individuals to confuse hunger with thirst at whichever time of the day.

Another important virtue of water is its benefits to the skin. It prevents your skin from drying up, giving it a glowing look throughout the day. This is also a result of flushing out toxins, hence leaving no room for the accumulation of dirt around the skin pores. And of course, playing a major role in regulating your body’s temperature.

Head Straight To The Gym Or Yoga Session

Experts have been speaking long enough about the importance of incorporating an exercising regime in the mornings. If you don’t mind getting sweaty, then you can head straight to your home-gym or one in your neighborhood and get into those intense exercises. But if not, there is still an option for you; light Yoga. This has been made even easier with the presence of directional videos on the internet. So all you need is to find a comfortable and serene environment in any part of your house and start your session. You can also head outdoors for jogging or rope jumping. There are s many exercises out there depending on your preference and level of experience. Ensure to start somewhere.

Indulge In A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast isn’t like any other meal of the day. It’s your start-up package and determines how you’re going to feel the rest of the day. Now that you have already taken your water and exercised, it’s time to re-boost your energy levels for the day ahead. As Gary Preacher from HCGDiet.com explains, a good balance of diet and exercise is always going to help you lose weight more consistently. Aim at taking your breakfast and other supplements at least within an hour of waking up.

Contrary to common opinions, breakfast should be the healthier and the heaviest meal of the day. For instance have a glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice first, followed by some proteins and complex carbs. This will assist you in keeping off from more calories consumption in the next few hours. After this, remember to keep off from any drinks( including water) for at least two hours.

Activate Your Brain With A Motivational Quote

Most of us are used to waking up and then rushing straight to open the gadgets by the bed side.No matter how tempting it might be, resist making your mobile phone or laptop your first priority for they’re the most common stress-triggers in the morning. You don’t want that proposal rejection email to be the first thing you see. And that uptight work schedule will do nothing else but create anxiety.

Instead, start your day with some motivation. Compile a list of your favorite motivational quotes and stick the notes randomly around the house. It could be the fridge where you reach out for water/food, the gym as you head for an exercising session or the dressing table as you get ready. This way, you would have already protected your mind from negative thoughts and whichever negative feedback you receive after won’t won’t have a great impact. It’s like wearing a bullet-proof jacket, only that this time around, it’s all in the mind!

Have Your Schedule Ready And Be Organized

There is nothing that can work quickly at destroying your peace like lacking a schedule and disorganized agenda, especially if yours is a pretty demanding job. Ensure you have everything concerning your next day figured out before going to bed. You will wake up in the morning knowing what comes first and last. Of course, there should be room for emergency adjustments but that would come as a by-the-way. This will keep you calm as you go about your morning routine.

The way you start your morning dictates how you’re going to feel and behave throughout the day. Therefore ensure you have a routine and don’t stay up too late especially if you’re going to have an early day. Drink enough water, exercise, eat healthily and keep a positive attitude for a more fulfilling morning. You have to take care of your body for it to take care of your needs!