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How Can a Woman Get Money to Start a Business?

As a woman entrepreneur, it can be a little bit simpler for you to get started with a business. This is because different governments have created many grants to support you. Both federal and state governments offer different grants to help you get started with your business. You may have a start-up, a potentially-profitable business model, or a charity plan, there are grants to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Boosting Female Founders Initiative

This program is focused on helping female entrepreneurs overcome the challenges involved in accessing finance and support required for growing start-ups. It follows a co-contribution support model.

If you are a female founder of a start-up, you can take advantage of this program to grow your business in both local and global markets. The total grant funding is $52.2 million and the Round 2 has been assigned $11.6 million. Besides funding, the program offers advice and guidance to the applicants.

The key goals of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative are as follows:

  • Helping female entrepreneurs overcome the unique challenges in accessing finance and support for growing their start-ups
  • Stimulating investments into creative start-ups created by women
  • Empowering female founders to grow their business across any market
  • Giving a boost to the economy by promoting diversity among start-up founders

The program facilitates grants in the range of $25,000 and $400,000.

Victorian Women’s Trust

This is a Small Grants Program and intends to strengthen the economic security of females within the state of Victoria. It provides grant to a group of businesses each year that support women. The goal is to bridge the gender pay gap.

Beyond Bank Entrepreneur Program

This program also provides an opportunity for women to fund their businesses. It is focused on encouraging economic growth in specific areas. A winner can receive up to $50,000 in grant.

Investing in Women Funding Program

This program is run by the NSW Government and is focused on developing and supporting projects targeted at women. In 2018, applicants received around $400,000 in funding. A significant percentage of the funding was granted to businesses that supported economic sustainability among women.

Women of the Future

This program is focused on women of a specific age-group. If you have a good idea for business or charity, you can win a grant of up to $25,000 along with a travel bursary. If you have an innovative concept, excellent business plan, and need funding to get started, you should apply for it.

Federal Government Cyber security Grant

The federal government supports businesswomen with up to $2,100 in grants for strengthening their business’ cyber security measures. Your business should meet the following requirements to become eligible:

  • Should be a certified small business
  • Should be registered for GST
  • Must have an ABN
  • Should not have more than 18 employees
  • Should be an Australia incorporated sole trader or business partner in Australia

These are some of the most popular programs to get money as a woman entrepreneur. You may also apply for a quick cash loan to supplement these grants and get started with your business.