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How to Shop and Donate to Charity Online

After the introduction of online shops, online shopping has now become popular than ever. This helps you avoid crowds in shopping malls and stress especially during your holiday shopping. Apart from giving incentives such as free shipping and discount, most online shops give back to the needy during holiday seasons. This is normally done through donating a portion of their earnings to various charity centers. To make it a reality in helping the needy, I have compiled a list of shopping tips and the online shopping suggestions for you. This will enable you play a role in charity work. Start your charity giving today and feel good.

Offering Assistance

Indeed, giving assistant is legitimate. For instance, if you buy books from online charity organization, you will be making charity donations. AfricAid, based in Tanzania is a good example of such organization. The organization collaborates with local schools to help them improve their school classrooms. Hence, if you get to purchase their school supplies, you will be supporting their effort of helping children stay at school. Now,is giving assistant legit? Well, you have all it takes to offer help to those in need the society because it is not a crime.

Shop For A Pair of Shoes or Sunglass and Help The Needy Child Get One Too

Online Shops such as Toms offers such unique services. Whenever you a purchase a pair of shoes from Toms, you assist, a needy child somewhere in the world gets a pair too. If you also intend to buy sunglasses, you will be supporting Toms realize their charitable mission of giving sights to the shortsighted people.

Buying Clothes for Good

Do you want to assist victims of slavery? Then Punjammies will be one of your best options. Punjammies is a shopping site in charge of helping sex slavery victims in India to escape and build new lives. If you buy pajama bottoms from this site, you probably feel good about helping women and girls who were enslaved.

You can also check out another fashion channel at Global Goods partners for more clothing. This is a nonprofit site, which sells handmade, fair – trade products made by women in marginalized countries around the globe. When you browse this online store, you will get hand – crafted gifts such as soccer balls, hats, and felt bags. Since the organization works directly with the marginalized groups, your purchase will help these women construct a sustainable source of revenue.

Buy Goods That Supports Specific Cause

There are sites that offer goods, which are supportive to specific causes. Such causes could be literacy, HIV AIDS, or Breast Cancer. RED and Great Good are among the sites that offers such services. For instance, RED in collaboration with most iconic brands such as Starbucks and Apple aims at fighting HIV/AIDS epidemic and create an AIDS – free generation. If you buy tech gifts for your family from RED, you help a great cause.

On the other hand, Great Good is in charge of selling gifts such as jewelry, accessories, pets, home decor, and gifts for special occasions. Buying these goods helps Greater Good organization get on well with its charitable work of helping breast cancer victims.

In summary, the popularity of online retailers is now of great advantage to most people. Since majority of online retailers sell their products in support of charity work, you will always feel good shopping and giving a charitable donation at the same time. The donations eventually help in improving the lives of the needy and marginalized in the society around the world.