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Habits and rituals that are problems in disguise

You bite your nails, you always twirl your hair, clean your home every day, check a couple of times before leaving if you’d unplugged the iron… Do you think that this is a serious psychological and emotional problem or is it normal?

Everything needs to be in its place


It’s true that discipline and good organization show that you’re a hard working and rational person. But if that becomes an obsession and a burden then you really have a problem. This habit shows that you have lost your self-confidence. If you only do thing in a certain way or in a certain order, that means that want to protect yourself from eventual  failure.

Our advice to you: Get out of your little, magical world and make some changes in your everyday life.  For example: Don’t put your clothes in your closet immediately after you take them off or you can always do a little makeover of your home. You might be facing some difficulties at first, but after some time you’ll feel a relief.

You bite your nails or you twirl your hair

If you have been biting your nails for months or twirling your hair while talking on the phone you seriously need to think about your emotions. Even though you think that this is harmless, you might be facing with serious problems, like accumulated stress or discontent.

Our advice to you: Protect your health and do everything you can to reduce stress. You can take dance lessons, aerobics, fitness or just take a walk with your friends. Choose the activity that suits you the best.

Your bag is filled with things you don’t actually need


If your bag is filled with all kinds of medication, scissors, little sugar packs, candy, umbrella and etc. that shows that you need someone’s protection.

Our advice to you: Try to get rid of some things that you don’t use on daily bases.  For example, start using a smaller bag that only fits the essentials: keys, phone, wallet… At the end of the day, you’ll notice that you’ve survived without carrying along all those unnecessary things.

You quit halfway through

You start learning a new language, or start taking swimming lessons, but you quit after a few months. It’s totally OK if you sometimes don’t finish what you started but that shouldn’t become a habit. Quitting things, you want to avoid hardship or failure and it’s much easier for you to run away rather than face the problem.

Our advice to you: To get rid of this habit, the first thing you need to do is to accept your limitations. You shouldn’t be a perfectionist because no one expects you to be one. Everyone has flaws and it is OK to fail sometimes.

Everything needs to be under control

Before leaving the house you always check a few times if the stove is off or if you’ve unplugged the iron… and that is fine if it’s in moderation. If this habit becomes an obsession, you might be facing with some serious problems. You always need to be in control of thing and situations because you are afraid of being hurt. This habit makes you not only be in control of things, but also in control of your emotions.

Our advice to you: Being always in control will not make things perfect. Learn a new relaxing technique. For example: take some time for yourself, read a book, listen to some music, watch a movie or go get a massage…  If these things don’t help, get some help from an expert.