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Good Bed – Good Sleep – Good Health

Today’s woman is always on the move. Between careers, caring for family, and running errands for the home, taking time to shop for new bedroom furniture can seem like another chore to add to the list. However, if done correctly, it can be an exciting and satisfying experience that makes life at home easier. It is key that you find the balance between style and function.

So, where should you start? It’s best, to begin with, who the room is for and how they will use it. If it’s for a teenager who enjoys gaming, then a desk and gaming chair would certainly keep them comfortable while playing. If you have younger children, then the arts and crafts table might be a better fit. Speaking of desks, these gaming desks by Turismo Racing can boost your teen’s gaming experience.

Let’s say an extended family member is staying with you; they may require additional storage for their belongings. You can purchase a dresser, chest, or storage bench to accommodate the need.

If the bedroom you’re designing is for you, don’t hold back on expressing yourself in your space. The bed you choose is important as it will influence the other type of furniture picked for the space. For example, if a tiny corner closet is the only built-in storage, a storage bed would solve that problem. If the room is spacious, you could opt for a wardrobe closet or set of dressers instead of a storage bed.

Finding a location to house all of your shoes can seem impossible, but there are plenty of shoe closets equipped for the job. And if you want to dedicate a portion of the room to your self-care routine, a vanity would certainly be helpful. You can store your beauty products, jewelry, and other primping tools here.

Full-length mirrors help finalize your look before you step out for work or a casual gathering. You can check out your look from head to toe, and some mirrors have LED lighting so that you don’t miss any imperfections. A hidden storage compartment for your valuables is another great feature.

The right nightstand can bring a feeling of balance and cohesiveness to the bedroom. The key is to find one about the same height as your mattress top and proportional to the other furniture. Know what its function will be. Are you using it as just a lamp table, extra storage, or for decorative purposes? This information will be vital when choosing a design.

And can any room’s look be complete without the proper accent pieces? A cozy accent chair and ottoman could be the perfect setup if you like reading in your room. Decorative pillows can add splashes of color to your bedding design. Wall art and miniature statues or vases can add a touch of sophistication.

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