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GogoPDF: The Number One PDF File Compressor for Students

In the online learning setup, almost all assignments have been submitted through submission portals or emails. It has been problematic for those who do not have enough technical knowledge and skills. Some students are struggling in submitting their homework if it has high storage. Others would even resort to Word format if they do not know how to reduce the size of their PDF files. 

Good thing, there are already PDF tools available on the internet that would help assist this student’s concerns. One of those is GogoPDF. It has a PDF compressor that will reduce the file size of PDF in an instant. It will be beneficial for students and professors at the same time. If you are interested in this tool, keep on reading; we will show you how!

What is GogoPDF?

Struggling to find the best and free PDF tool for all your PDF needs? Your search is finally over. GogoPDF has all your needs! It has a wide variety of tools such as PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to JPG, PDF to Excel, protect PDF, compress PDF files, and so much more! They offer these tools for free. Rest assured that they also have excellent and convenient services. 

This is perfect for students out there who are having trouble adjusting to the demands of the online learning setup. Using GogoPDF will save time and effort. Just familiarize yourself with their user-friendly interface and you are good to go! To get you started, here is an overview of Gogo PDFs Compress PDF Tool.

What is GogoPDF Compress PDF Tool?

Some PDF files have a high file size. This happens if it contains large graphics such as photos. When you have a PDF file with high file size, you cannot easily share it with others using social media or any emailing engines. You would need to compress it first to reduce its file size. To do that, the GogoPDF Compress PDF tool will reduce the file size of your PDF. After that, you can now easily attach the PDF to your emails. 

Anyone would benefit from the GogoPDF Compress PDF tool, especially the students. This tool is highly beneficial, especially that students need to attach so many PDF files in one email. It will allow them to send their homework to their professors without the need to upload it one by one. It will also help them avoid resorting to Word file formats for reducing file size. If they resort to Word formats, there is a high chance that they will leave a bad impression on their professors. It is because Word format files can easily be messed up when shared electronically. 

How to Use GogoPDF Compress PDF Tool?

To guide you on your first experience, we listed down the three easy steps on how to use their GogoPDF compress tool:

  1. Simply select your PDF file from your device’s storage. It can also be uploaded from cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also use the Drag and Drop feature to upload your file in their conversion box.
  2. Wait for the conversion process. All of this will be performed by GogoPDF. This will take no longer than a few minutes. Just ensure that you have a stable internet connection. 
  3. Download your newly compressed PDF file.

Why Use GogoPDF?

There are lots of PDF tools on the internet. But GogoPDF is the best for students! Here are the reasons why: 

  1. It is perfect for all students who do not have plenty of time to search for PDF tools individually. GogoPDF is like a one-stop shop. Aside from that, anyone can access their services without unnecessary subscriptions, extensions, and registrations. This is the convenient and most efficient tool for the busy students out there.
  2. They care about the privacy of their clients. Once you upload a PDF file to their server, you will be ensured that your file is safe. Your data will not be leaked. Everything that has been uploaded to their server will be automatically deleted after an hour. This ensures that all your intellectual property, let’s say for college writing, will not be read by anyone.
  3. You do not need high-end gadgets. Any student-friendly gadgets like cell phones will perform well. You can also be using any operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thus, anything that is available to you at every moment is compatible with the GogoPDF websites. You can also use any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  4. It has a high quality. You do not need to worry that your PDF file will be messed up after. Your file will retain its maximum resolution, format, and layout. The best quality possible that they offer will surely impress you and your professor!
  5. You can store it in your Cloud-storage. Since most students would need to retrieve their files, it is safer to store them in cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. After you use GogoPDF PDF tools, you can directly save it in your Cloud Storages. How convenient and efficient, right?
  6. The download link is generated right after your new PDF file is processed. You can paste it right away on your social media accounts, emails, or submission portals. It is a beneficial feature if you are in a hurry with your assignments. Say no to late assignments as GogoPDF processed their conversion in a snap!
In a Nutshell

To avoid leaving a bad impression on your professors, all your homework submissions must be in PDF formats. You should also send it through emails rightfully and punctually. To do that, you will surely need assistance in reducing the file size of your PDFs. Do not worry because GogoPDF has your back. Their PDF compressor will do the job. You may also visit their website to get to know more of their PDF tools that you will surely benefit from! Also, check their Protect PDF, Delete PDF pages, Rotate PDF, and so much more!