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How to Get in Shape for Summer – Mom Guide

Although some may think it is too early to think about training and bringing the body in shape, you will agree that we should start in time, in order to bring our body to a desired form and stay fit. There are only a few months before the summer. Before you find yourself in a situation to lose confidence when you need to put on your bathing suit, make sure you do your best to prevent it.

The period of holidays, food and drink, is far behind us. If any of these forms of hedonism left consequences on your body in the form of a few extra pounds, it’s time to get rid of them, but we are certain that they will not go away as quickly as they came. This is especially true for middle-aged women, who do not have much time for training or other physical activity, due to obligations related to family and work.

We present you a few tips that you can use if you want to wait for the summer in top form. These tips, except bringing your body in a top shape, certainly influence the improvement of the health status of an individual.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink

In addition to working out, you need to take care of nutrition and food. Foods high in fat and calories are certainly not good if you want to stay in shape. Also, you need to share your meals to 4-5 small meals. There can be three meals and two snacks, or five small specific meals, protein shakes that you drink in order to replace a meal – it does not matter. A larger number of meals will lead to acceleration of metabolism and therefore to higher calorie consumption. With such food intake, the feeling of hunger will disappear, and facilitate the functioning of the digestive system.

When it comes to drinks, all carbonated drinks, soda, sweetened fruit juices, energy drinks, water with a variety of fruity flavors, including coffee encourage obesity, and consequently the various diseases. What you need to drink is water, because water intake is essential for normal metabolism and physiological functions. At the same time, water provides intake of essential substances such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. Water takes toxins from vital organs, brings nutrients to the cells, and moisturizes the skin; it maintains normal body temperature and blood pressure. It is important to drink water during training, because in this way, you compensate the lost water due to perspiration from the body and prevent dehydration.

Get moving

Training, recreation or something else – is a matter of choice. Gym, swimming pool, jogging, and fitness programs, walks, bike rides, going to the countryside – the effect is the same. Instead of sitting in a chair all day, take a walk, you will feel relieved physically and psychologically. Moderate physical activity for an hour to an hour and a half, 3-5 times a week will have a beneficial effect on your appearance. In addition to our look which is for all of us the most important, physical activity affects overall health.

Reduce the intake of harmful foods

Simple – let foods of high nutritional value and low calorie be presented in your diet. Sweets, snacks, pastry, spicy food and foods that are prepared with a lot of oil, soft drinks, processed meats and similar foods have very little nutrients and are full of sugar, spices, and other things that have a very high calorific value. So – fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, dairy products, cooked foods, and food without too much spice will lead to the feeling full of enthusiasm and energy. You can even have this food thanks to fresh meal delivery.  The fibers allow easier achievement of satiety thanks to the formation of the gel in the stomach, allowing intake of fewer calories with a greater feeling of fullness. In addition, studies have shown that people who generally have more fibers in their diet, have a better body line than those who enter fibers to a lesser extent.

Be persistent

Nothing happens overnight. Keep in mind that the body needs some time to adapt to changes in diet and increased activity. Make this process more interesting by going to leave yourself notes that will remind you to think twice every time you catch the fridge or take snacks. In this way, within two to three months you can shape your body and bring it into shape.

Top shaped body can be achieved – if there is a will there is a way. Don’t let yourself fall into “I don’t have time for that” mode. Everything is possible, just organize yourself and the results will be visible soon.

Author Bio

Vanessa Davis is a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast, mother of two and content writer at http://www.diet.st/. She’s originally from Long Island, New York, and when she isn’t cooking up some new health and fitness article, she enjoys doing yoga and figuring out new, delicious organic recipes for herself and her kids.