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Gastritis Treatment Through Medicines & Dietary Changes

Gastritis is the common medical ailment caused due to irritation and inflammation in the lining of the stomach. Gastritis can be of two types – one is acute, which can occur suddenly and the second one is chronic which occurs slowly over time.  It causes severe pain and irritation in the stomach.

There are several factors that lead to gastritis, few of them are stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diet and sometimes also due to the side effect of some medications such as aspirin etc. In the due course of time if the factors causing gastritis are not resolved soon, the problem of gastritis will occur repeatedly and if left untreated it can lead to excessive blood loss & stomach cancer. However, gastritis treatment is possible with proper medication and remedies.

For the treatment for gastritis, Grocare offers herbal medicines. There are two herbal medicines by Grocare namely Acidim and Xembran.

  • Acidim helps in maintaining the pH balance of the abdomen & intestine. Acidim regulates the number of acids being produced in the stomach. It helps in the digestion of the food properly.
  • Second medicine is Xembran which helps in eliminating harmful bacteria leading to healthy stomach lining reducing the itchiness and uneasiness.

These two medicines work well in the treatment of gastritis ailment and help restore healthy stomach lining. These medicines work to eliminate the causes of gastritis and provides relieves from the ailment.

When a person is suffering from Gastritis he may experience following common symptoms.

Following are the common symptoms for gastritis:

1) Uneasiness in the upper abdomen area

The major symptom of Gastritis pain is the uneasiness in the upper abdomen that can be due to severe pain, inflammation. Upper abdomen area seems full.

2) Nausea & Vomiting

If you are experiencing indigestion, uneasiness in the stomach and an urge to vomit this can be the symptoms leading to gastritis.

3) There are many other symptoms of Gastritis like bloated stomach, loss of appetite, burping, hiccups, heartburn etc.

When you experience any of the above symptoms, it is most probably due to itchiness and irritation in the stomach lining.

Apart from medicines for gastritis, you can also follow some self-care routine in order to avoid gastritis.

A person suffering from gastritis must avoid taking the following food items:

1) Avoid Fatty foods

A person who is prone to gastritis should avoid fatty foods as it leads to excessive production of acids in the stomach which may worsen the problem.

2) Avoid processed food

Intake of excessively processed food also aggravates the problem of gastritis.

3) Avoid Indulging in the Habit of excessive alcohol drinking & smoking activities

Overindulging in alcohol drinking and smoking habit leads to the overproduction of bacterial infection especially due to Helicobacter pylori bacteria infecting stomach lining badly and causing bad gastritis.

4) Avoid taking carbonated, caffeinated and citric acid concentrated drinks

Carbonated drinks like soft drinks, drinks containing caffeine’s and drinks containing citric acid aggravate the problem causing gastritis.

5) Consuming foods with Deficiency of vitamin B12

Consuming foods that lack vitamin B12 also aggravates the problem of gastritis. Lacking in vitamin B12 causes chronic gastritis. Lacking in vitamin B12 also leads to fatigue, depression and affecting the nervous system as well. Vitamin B12 is commonly found in milk products, meat, poultry items etc.

There are few foods items that one must avoid when suffering from gastritis as indulging in the above food choices aggravates the problem of gastritis and if not taken care of properly, it can result into more serious and complicated health conditions like ulcers, stomach cancer etc. After learning what food items particularly need to avoid, there are also some food options available that one must include in the regular eating habit in order to avoid gastritis problem.

A person suffering from gastritis must include following food options to include in the regular diet to avoid getting gastritis:

1) Include high fiber foods in your diet like Broccoli, carrots, beans, apples etc that helps in the proper bowel movement in the stomach and keeping your stomach lining healthy.

2) Try including foods with the low-fat amount like fish, chicken etc that too are rich in vitamin B12 too.

3) Include alkaline foods in your diet like vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits etc that help in maintaining the pH balance of the stomach and are easy to digest & helps in good bowel movement as well.

4) Include foods that are rich in probiotic such as yogurt and other fermented foods enhancing the good bacteria in your stomach which helps in proper digestion of food, which in turn avoids gastritis issues in the body. Probiotic help in healthy digestion and treating Helicobacter pylori bacteria that is responsible for causing irritation in the stomach.

Gastritis has become so common these days due to our poor food choices which can be avoided by adding healthy food options in our regular diet.