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Frida Gustavsson and Emanuela de Paula are new Stars in H&M Summer season `14

The summer is just around the corner and H&M presents its new summer collection for the new hot season. Frida Gustavsson and Emanuela de Paula look great for the latest style update of this super fashion brand.

Vibrant prints and striking colors are the new trends for perfect summer look. Patterned dresses and loose-fitting jumpsuits are all essentials for the new summer season.

It is going to be a good vibrant stylish summer.

frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-2 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-3 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-4 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-5 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-6 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-7 frida-gustavsson-emanuela-de-paula-new-stars-hm-summer-season-14-8

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