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Four Things To Do When Shopping For Your Skin

If you think applying loads of makeup on your face is the best way to look beautiful, then you have yet to experience the beauty of simplicity. Every individual is uniquely beautiful; so rather than covering up “imperfections” find products that will help you embrace and bare that natural beauty! Glowing skin is a symbol of health. Thus, it is important for you to maintain healthy habits such as staying hydrated, eating healthy, getting daily exercise, detoxifying and applying topical products to enhance your beauty and glow.

Stores are stacked with shelves full of skin care products all promising to do wonders for your skin. Many of them have ingredients that harm your skin and add to the toxins that our bodies are daily absorbing.  So, what should you look for when shopping for skin care?


1. Look for brands that use nature based ingredients in their products

And be careful, it’s easy to think just because you can’t pronounce the words in the ingredients list, means its harmful. This isn’t necessarily true! There are brands out there that are using unique ingredients that sometimes come from different parts of the world so you may have never heard them before. For example, you may have never heard of glutathione cream for skin whitening, yet glutathione is completely natural, and exists in most living things, serving to protect cells. So sometimes, the name can be unrecognizable but totally harmless, so don’t sell yourself short by only using things like aloe or honey. While these things will nourish your skin, they won’t deliver incredible results. Your best bet is to find a brand that has a reputation for guaranteed cruelty-free, nature-based ingredients in all their products. Here is a popular brand that does just that and also offers a money-back guarantee. http://www.OmieraLabs.com

2. Multi-functional is preferred

Who has the time to apply a series of three to four products when you can apply one simple step to accomplish a series of concerns. For example, look for a moisturizer that has ingredients that will treat aging. Or a facial acne wash that will moisturize, or an anti-aging cleanser. This anti-aging serum is a favorite for lightening hyper-pigmentation, preventing aging, tightening and also moisturizing. Find here: Skin whitening/ filling cream (it does wonder for acne scars too which is a huge added bonus). And here is another immediate lift product with a hint of concealer: Glocione Instant Lift

3. The expression, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply when it comes to skin care.

Really, if a brand can’t invest in high-quality packaging, what does it skimp out on while making the product? Sometimes brands will be tricky in putting a coveted ingredient in extremely small portions into the mixture, just to use it as a selling point, all the while, the ingredient will never be enough to have an effect. What also drives me crazy is wide-mouthed screw top bottles. If you are able to double dip your fingers into a bottle to apply product, that means the brand is not considering sanitation while making their products (scary thought). Look for durable, sealed bottles that pump products out and keep the product clear from contaminants which can cause breakouts.

4. Utilize the information station!

There is a plethora of information out there on the internet that will give you access to brands that normally only professionals would use. From my experience, by only shopping products on the shelf like Ponds, Olay or Clinique for anti-age, wrinkle creams, or hyper-pigmentation treatments, you may spend less but get mediocre results. For serious skin care I prefer to use what professionals use. I shop online for the BEST Skin Care Products and read product reviews! It’s better to spend more on a product that works then waste less money more often for products that deliver zero results! Remember, the products you use and the value you put on skin care is written all over your face! Settle for nothing less than the best.