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Five Tips for Enjoying a Happy and Healthy Summer

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors with the family and enjoy relaxing in the sun. It’s the best season to relish an effortlessly easy lifestyle, catch up with friends, and make the most of the activities that the warmer weather allows for.

From hacks to make your home life easier to ideas for some family fun, use the tips below to make this your happiest and healthiest summer ever!

Make the Most of Your Time

If you’ve got the kids home for the holidays, then have a plan in place to make the most of this special time together – and to alleviate any stresses that could arise. If you would prefer to have more time for outdoor adventures, camping trips, and spend time at the beach without needing to worry about getting home in time to shop for groceries and prepare and cook dinner, then why not sign up for meal delivery kits?

This is a great way to continue to eat healthily as a family without the hassle. There are loads of options available, so you can choose from a range of healthy, delicious meals: ingredients come pre-prepared, and you’ll get easy-to-follow instructions, so all you need to do is assemble and cook. The kids can get involved, too, for some family fun in the kitchen!

Beat the Heat

Finding ways to stay cool when the temperatures start to climb is vital and can make the difference between a happy family day out and an afternoon full of niggles. If you’re planning a family hike or a bicycle ride, head out when it’s coolest, either as early in the morning as possible or in the evening.

Help everyone to avoid sunstroke by slathering on the suncream frequently throughout the day and wearing wide-brimmed hats and tops that cover the shoulders and upper arms. Dehydration can creep up on us when it’s warm, especially when we’re active; don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink. Instead, stay on top of your hydration levels by sipping water frequently throughout the day.

When it gets sweltering, it may be hard to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. To help with this, keep the curtains closed in rooms facing the sun. And for the ultimate cool-down hack: put a bowlful of icy water in front of an electric fan to get a beautiful flow of super-chilled air.

Guard Against Bugs and Insects

Nothing can ruin a relaxing summer outing more than getting a nasty bite from a bug or flying insect. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid them. Look for bug repellent that contains DEET at a strength of 30%: this protects for four to six hours. Sprays containing picaridin are also effective, as are those containing permethrin, which can usually be applied directly to clothing to deter bugs.

If a sting or a bite does occur, it’s crucial to seek medical help immediately if there is any sign of an allergic reaction – this should be treated as an emergency. Otherwise, reduce the discomfort by washing the affected area immediately with soap and water and removing the stinger if present. An ice pack may help with swelling and itching, and an antihistamine could also be beneficial.

Plan Activities…

If you have a family, making a schedule of activities is also a great way to enjoy a stress-free summer and can prevent the daily ‘what shall we do today?’ conundrum. Get plenty of physical and outdoor activities on the calendar. These don’t have to be expensive: planning a long walk and taking along a picnic, heading to a nearby beach, playing rounders or tennis, or going for a bike ride together are all examples of budget-friendly family activities.

You could even begin the day by enjoying some morning family exercises: have a look online for some easy workouts, dance classes, or yoga sessions that would be suitable for you to do together.

…But Schedule in Some Down Time Too!

Making the most of the summer also means taking the time to relax and unwind when possible: avoid the temptation of creating an overfull schedule that leaves everyone exhausted! For every day or couple of consecutive days of fun, plan for some low-key, less structured time. For younger kids, this could be setting up a craft table outside with everything they need to create a range of masterpieces: colored tissue paper, craft glue, buttons, cardboard, odd decorations, pens, and anything else you have around the house can all be provided for an easy hour or so of entertainment.

A family movie night – or movie afternoon if it’s raining – is also a great opportunity to curl up together on the couch. Snack healthily with bowls of plain popcorn sprinkled with a little cinnamon, nuts, or cucumber and carrot stick with hummus dip.

Download a meditation or mindfulness app as a way to experience some little oases of peace during your day. Listening for ten minutes is a great way to start your morning or to bring calmness if the family fun all becomes a bit too much!

Use the tips above to enjoy a happy, healthy, and relaxed summer, and head into the autumn rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for new challenges and adventures.