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Finding a Path to Your Purpose

On paper, your life may look idyllic, even enviable. You may have a promising career with a good paycheck, a solid marriage, and beautiful children, but that doesn’t mean you are living with purpose. If you feel like something essential is missing from your life, the thing that drives you towards passionate living, you may still be trying to find your purpose.

The phrase “finding your purpose” may sound like a cliche used by those with no continuity in their lives. However, pursuing your purpose is not only for those that feel lost in their lives. Finding your purpose can help you to achieve more harmony, joy, and fulfillment in your life.

If you feel that your life is just a continuous cycle of the mundane and doesn’t have significant meaning, you may be in search of your purpose. Each of us has a unique purpose and often has nothing to do with monetary compensation. Those that work within an industry that allows them to fulfill their purpose often place little significance on their salaries.

If you have followed a life path that reflects the expectations of others, including your parents, elders, or community, you may not be following your own heart. When you take a closer look at your path with the help of articles found in Journeys of Life, you will recognize where you may have gotten off track.

Benefits of Finding Your Purpose

Earning Potential

When you find a job that fills you with passion, you are more likely to excel at your craft. If you have walked away from a high-paying position to pursue your passion, there is no reason to worry about living in a poor house. Your passion, whatever it is, will be the thing for which you have a natural talent. You are more likely to rise to the top of your field, where you can make an excellent living while doing what you enjoy.

Longer Life

Studies have found that working with purpose can increase your lifespan. The reasons behind living longer while pursuing your passions are two-fold. When you work in a fulfilling and satisfying way, you are less likely to suffer from career-related stress. Those working in purposeful careers rarely suffer from depression and anxiety.

Creative Outlet

Regardless of your chosen passion, it will allow you to be creative with your time. Many people who have found their purpose claim that they had no idea of their limitless potential until they discovered where their passions were hidden.

How to Find Your Purpose


If you want to find something that you are passionate about and may be your purpose in life, but you don’t know where to start, you can try volunteering. Every community needs the help of regular citizens to help with charitable activities. All you need to do is give your time and your effort. You may want to help build homes for low-income families with Habitat For Humanity or deliver meals to home-bound people with your local Meals on Wheels organization. You may be able to find something that ignites your passion and allows you to feel more purpose.

Follow Your Joy

What is the thing that you continuously go back to in your life? Have you always been a writer, loved photography, worked with your hands or helped others? If there is a common thread throughout your life, it could be connected to your real purpose. We may not always get a clear sign of our purpose, but the things that you continually turn to in your life may be a valuable clue.

Listen to Feedback

Most of us are relatively humble about our skills. If you want to find your purpose, you may need to listen to the opinions of others. For example, if you love making quilts, but consider it a fun pastime, you may want to listen to your friends and family when they tell you your talent is significant. If you love to get up and sing at the local Karaoke but don’t consider yourself much more than an average performer, listen to your friends when they tell you how talented you are.

Consider People You Admire

Very often, our passions can be found in the actions of others. Think about the people you most admire and what they do to make them happy and live purposeful lives. Perhaps your mom is one of your idols because she is always available to help others in need. Or, your favorite teacher is someone you admire because of their attention to their students. Perhaps your purpose can be found in the reflection of what you see in those that you admire.

Expand Your Interests

Have you ever wanted to take a painting class, learn to dance, or get piano lessons? Is there something specific that you have always wanted to try but always gets put off to the back of your schedule? If you find that there is something that you have always wanted to do, now is the time to explore it further. Expanding your interests and trying new things is an excellent way to learn new skills and find your purpose.

Consider Injustices That Matter to You

One of the most significant and life-changing ways to use your purpose in life is to help others. If there is a specific injustice that just gets under your skin, it may be an area to pursue your passion. For example, if you can’t stand how animals are mistreated in the gaming industry or have a soft place in your heart for homeless people, you may want to expand that dislike into something positive. Being able to help a cause that rights an injustice can help you feel like your life is filled with purpose.

Finding your purpose isn’t always easy. The key is to keep an open mind and pay attention to the things that light a fire in your heart and mind. Living purposefully can help you feel more fulfilled, appreciate the joys in your life, and welcome deep satisfaction into your life. Follow these tips to help you find your life’s passion.