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Find Out if Your Immune System is Functioning Properly

If you want to learn whether your body is ready for the winter, cold weather, colds and flues then you should take this test.Is-Your-Immune-System-Functioning-Properly-1

For each positive answer you get 1 point.

  1. You get respiratory infections 3-4 times a year.
  2. Recovering from a flu is a slow and difficult process.
  3. You have weight problems (you’re obese or too skinny).
  4. You suffer from allergies.
  5. You often have herpes or fungal infections.
  6. You drink and smoke every day.
  7. You can’t go through the day without candy, coffee and soda.
  8. You rarely eat fruits and vegetables.
  9. It’s pretty easy for someone to piss you off and then you need at least 1 hour to calm down.
  10. You’re constantly tired, emphatic and extremely emotional.
  11. You don’t want to do any type of sports.
  12. You don’t have an active life.
  13. You snore.
  14. You struggle with insomnia and bad dreams.
  15. You suffer from a chronic disease.
Results and Solutions:

0-1 Point:

Your immune system is great. You’re taking good care of your health and you’re eating right. Keep up the good work.

2-5 Points:

You might not be aware of this, but your immune system is getting weaker. Try to make some lifestyle and diet changes to prevent getting the flu or colds.

More than 5 Points:

Your immune system is getting weaker each day and you need to take things into your hands. Change your diet, start leading a healthier lifestyle and look for other ways you can boost your immunity.

It is important to note that optimists get sick less. People who are constantly exposed to stress, have reduced antibody production and lessen activity of T cells, and this is the reason for decreased immunity. One study has proved this, by making an experiment with four volunteers, trying to infect them with viruses. Those under stress caught the virus, while the calmer participants were not infected.

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