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Are You Suffering From The Most Terrifying Disease?

Although cancer and blood vessel diseases are considered to be the most dangerous, people are most afraid of getting dementia. One British research shows that the number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease will be double in the next 35 years.

Jigsaw puzzle, of a senior woman, falling apart

Alzheimer’s disease

Sometimes people can’t make a difference between simple forgetfulness and dementia. Although Alzheimer’s is the most common disease, dementia is a “collection” of more than 200 different diseases which makes it more difficult to diagnose. After the age of 50, the brain starts to shrink and starts to lose neurotransmitters. Your lifestyle can actually cause brain diseases such as dementia. Vascular dementia is often caused by bad blood flow in the brain. You can prevent vascular dementia by reducing body weight and taking good care of your circulatory system.

Doctors have created a 6-question test which can help you detect the first signs of dementia. Remember that this test is purely informative and that you don’t need to panic if your result turns out positive.

Do the test and answer these 6 questions:

1. What year is it? (correct-0 points, wrong-4 points)

2. What month is it? (correct-0 points, wrong-3 points) Besides this question, try to remember this address: 30 Mortensen Avenue, Salinas, CA 93905

3. Without looking at your watch, tell approximately what time it is. (correct-0 points, wrong-3 points)

4. Count backwards from 20-0 (correct-0, one mistake-2, more mistakes-4)

5. Tell the months of the year backwards (correct-0, one mistake-2, more mistakes-4)

6. What’s was the address? (correct-0, one mistake-2, two mistakes-4, three mistakes-6, four mistakes-8, wrong-10)


0-7: There isn’t any signs of problem.

8-9: It would be nice if you visit a doctor.

10-28: Make sure to make a doctor’s appointment.

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