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Female Power: Copy Queen Tarla Makaeff Shares Her Top 5 Secrets for Women Growing Their Businesses

Many female entrepreneurs’ passion for their products or services may lead them to early success. After reaching an initial plateau, they ask themselves: “How can I take my business to the next level?”

One rich source of inspiration and information is other female entrepreneurs. Looking to women that are further along the journey to feminine business success can provide endless motivation and lessons. Whether you read their books and articles, watch them in action at networking events, or follow them on social media, they have a lot to teach the younger generations of female business superstars.

Among those inspirations is Tarla Makaeff, a seven-figure-earning writer and entrepreneur  turned Copy Queen. She specializes in hip, modern, and feminine copywriting and teaches her unique marketing strategies to women around the world through her coaching and her Social Star and Direct Response Launch online entrepreneurship courses as well as her Iconic Copy copywriting course.

Considering her success, we were happy to sit down with Makaeff and learn her five top tips for growing a female-founded business.

Email is Everything

When Makaeff says that email is everything, she doesn’t mean your inbox and unread messages. Instead, she’s referring to (what should be) your ever-expanding email list of interested people, regular clients, and prospective customers that you stay in regular contact with.

Makaeff said, “You don’t start with social media; you end with it.” She elaborated on this idea by adding, “You can’t just use social media, you need an email list. It’s rented land versus owned land. So create your lead magnet and your email list, and have your offer ready to go before you ever get on social media. Invite your social media followers to get your lead magnet by joining your email list. Then, instead of only providing tips and hacks as value, entertain your audience with personal stories that tie back to your business and end with a soft sell of your paid offer.”

Prize Your Personal Brand

With this tip, the Copy Queen encourages her followers to show their human side to their audience on their social media. This allows them to connect with you as a person, not just as a business owner.

You can do this by sharing photos and videos of yourself taking part in your favorite hobbies – makeup tutorials, foodie adventures, or just playing with your dog are the sorts of activities that your audience might love to see. “People are drawn to photos of other people, so add personal story posts to your social media,” she advised.

She encouraged female entrepreneurs to share their flaws too since they are what make you human and transparent. Especially moving are inspiring stories of thriving despite difficult circumstances. “People connect with people, not products. Remember, it’s social media, not sales media. Take your human experiences and weave them into your business to show your audience you’re relatable and vulnerable. This isn’t just about building a business but about leaving a legacy,” she said.

Do Play Documentarian

The entrepreneur hopes that women in business will consider their social media profiles to be their life stories. Using this idea as a basis, it becomes easy to create content by documenting your life as you go about your day. Visit a cute cafe? Post it. Go for a walk on the beach? Share it.

And, contrary to what you might guess, you shouldn’t hold back on your personal opinions. Even though they might drive away some people who disagree with you, they can be the deciding factor in working with you for those that feel as you do. Makaeff also reminded female business owners that audience members who don’t share your values might save you from working with clients who aren’t a good fit anyway.

Copy is Queen

Since the written words you use will be vital to growing your business via email, ads, landing pages, and social media, you need to learn copywriting from a true professional, like Makaeff herself, or expect to pay a copywriter known for writing copy that converts.

Makaeff suggests learning the craft yourself. After all, you are the best person to tell your story and sell your product. She regularly reminds her students that people buy when you appeal to their emotions, not their logic. They are buying into the positive change your product or service will offer them. And once they hear your story and are invested in you as a person, it’s an easy transition for them to begin believing in their own personal transformation as well as your business.

Create Digital Deliverables

Her final tip involves creating digital products using your knowledge, expertise, or talent. You only need to create the asset once, but it can continue to help you reach new clients indefinitely. By gaining the trust of your audience by providing a low-cost, high-quality item such as a digital book or mini-course, you open the door to upselling them on mid-ticket items such as digital courses and finally high-ticket services like one-on-one coaching.

About Tarla Makaeff

Tarla Makaeff, The Copy Queen and Founder of the Iconic Copy Course, is bringing her vast experience as a 7-figure copywriter to help others learn how to craft their strategy and messaging for ultimate growth. Leveraging her decade-plus of agency and freelance copywriting experience, Makaeff is helping hundreds of creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start their purpose-filled businesses online and grow their brands with copy that converts. To learn more, visit www.tarlamakaeff.com