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Female Fitness – 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Right Now

All over the world, there are a lot of women who struggle with weight gain and all the related problems that come with it. Whether you want to lose weight or gain strength, there are some basics you need to know. It is all about diet, exercise and rest. Of course, there are some other factors too, like age and genetics but essentially, balancing these 3 things well can turn the needle on your side.

Talking about exercise and female fitness, a lot of women still believe that taking up a regular exercise schedule will give them huge muscles and make them look muscular. The fact is that weight training and exercise is as important for women as it is for men. It is not possible for a woman to put on so much muscle that she starts to resemble a man. There is a big hormonal difference between the two. So you don’t really have anything to worry about.

Here are 8 reasons as to why you should take up fitness and weight training starting today itself. I emphasize on starting it right away because if you plan too much and wait for the right time, you are missing an important part, which is to take action.

  1. Get into your ideal shape – You will be able to get into a shape which will boost confidence in you like nothing else can. You will have more curves so your dresses will fit you better. There is no feeling better than being comfortable in your skin. Only strength training and muscles can give you the desired shape you want.
  1. Gain strength – One of the most important benefit of exercise is that you will feel more powerful inside. Any household chores or daily work will not bother you as much when you are feeling strong and full of energy.  You will have more stamina and endurance to take on everything.
  1. Stress Buster – Weight training can be the best stress reliever for you. You learn to be in the moment and forget about all other worries when you are engrossed in your workout. You are so focused on your fitness goals like your movements, weights and number of repetitions that there is no room for anything else at that time. Moreover, exercise releases chemicals known as endorphins, which help in calming and relaxing your mind.
  1. Improved sleep – Lack of sleep and anxiety can be a whole new problem for a lot of women. There are studies which prove that strength training improves the quality of your sleep and reduces anxiety. Once you are following a good workout routine, you will certainly see an improvement in the quality of your sleep.

  1. Increased focus and concentration – Exercise will help you focus better. You won’t need mental stimulants like tea or coffee to concentrate better. A nice morning workout will give you laser sharp focus for the day.
  1. Increased bone density and joints – Women with weak bones and joints can have many health problems as they age. In fact, half of the middle aged women suffer from low bone density. Some of these problems can be arthritis, joint pains, osteoporosis etc. Regular exercise will increase your bone density as well as strengthen your joints.
  1. Overall health benefits – There are many other health benefits that come with fitness. Different systems in our body such as cardiovascular system, blood circulation, liver functions. Kidney functions, heart related functions get better with a regular exercise. This improves overall health and you get a better quality of life.
  2. Better pregnancy – When you train for strength, you also train for a stronger core of your body. The stabilizing muscles in your abdomen and back, form the core of your body. These muscles also help in pregnancy and child birth. If you have been exercising, you won’t feel loss of strength at the time of pregnancy. Your pain threshold also increases and you experience a lot better pregnancy.

With all the above benefits, you should be starting up with your first exercise goals right away. Just get to your nearest gym and start to love the process of shaping up yourself.