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All The Fashion Trends Set To Take The 2017 Wedding Season By Storm

Got a wedding coming up this year? No doubt you will already be carefully planning your outfit, whether you are the blushing bride or you’re simply a guest! Wedding outfits are things that we take extremely seriously. But there is no one that takes them more seriously than the bride and the mother of the bride. All eyes will be on these two lucky ladies throughout the day, so there is no wonder that they both want to get their outfits spot on. Is your big day coming up this year or are you looking forward to your daughter’s wedding? If so, here are some of the biggest wedding fashion trends that you need to watch out for!

The Bride
  • Bridal Capes

Not too keen on wearing a veil for your wedding? No problem; there is a fantastic alternative set to hit aisles this year. 2017 is the year that will see the wedding cape become very popular. A short caplet or full-length cape will be a great way to add some dimension to your wedding dress. Plus, it will feel a lot more modern than a traditional veil! Add a cape or cute caplet to your outfit for the main ceremony and then take it off for a relaxed look for the reception!

  • High Collars

Once upon a time, wedding dresses were fairly low cut and gave women the chance to show off their chest, and sometimes shoulders. However, over the past couple of years, wedding dress necklines have been slowly creeping up, and this year high collars are set to steal the show. These help to give your dress a very high-fashion look. If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, go for a scalloped lace collar, which will give your dress a great regal vibe!


The Mother Of The Bride Dresses & Outfits

  • Pastel Shades

When it comes to the colour of your dress, white is obviously out of the question. You should also try and stay away from very bright and vibrant colours and tones, as these can come off quite garish. Thankfully, there is one set of shades that all mothers of the brides can rely on this year – pastels! Cool greens and blush pinks are very chic shades and will help you to look like one very sophisticated mother!

  • Lace

Remember when Kate Middleton got married, and she set the fashion trends for wedding dresses for the following couple of years? Well, the Kate effect is now rubbing off onto gowns for mothers of the brides as well! Specifically, the use of lace in the dresses. Kate’s wedding dress was quite lacey, and this year lace is going to be a big deal in wedding fashion other than wedding dresses. So why not go for a gown with lace arms or a cute lace collar?

You shouldn’t be nervous about wedding fashion. Sure you will want to look your best, and that is something that is totally possible. Hopefully, all of the above points will help you find your perfect dress!

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