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Family Rescues Abandoned Newborn Kittens in the Woods

A family was walking down a country road when they noticed a moving plastic bag on the side of the path. They immediately went over to see what’s going on, and they found 4 tiny newborn kittens, still with their umbilical cords.

The family took the kittens and contacted RSPCA rescuers. All were shocked that someone could be so heartless to leave the kittens in the wood to die like that.

Fortunately, the family who found the kittens were animal lovers, and they decided to keep all four. They need to be bottle-fed every three hours, but that wasn’t a problem for the family. They also named them Midnight, Hobo, Sprinkles and Jelly Bean.

The tiny kittens could have ended so horribly, but now, thanks to their rescuers have a forever loving home.